God Knows His People


Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” (2 Timothy 2:19)

God Knows His People

The omniscience of the Lord is an incredible thing to consider. At any moment of any day the Creator knows what is happening in every corner of the globe and upon every speck of dust in the universe His eyes behold its wonder. When a sparrow snuggles in its nest the eyes of God are there. As the whale descends to the deepest caverns of the oceans he finds the Lord is waiting for him there. A sleeping child in India and a frantic housewife in Kansas sending her children off to school are known by the Father in heaven. The knowledge of the Almighty remembers the first words of Adam and Eve and listened to all the conversations of the Caesars. He knows everything Columbus did on his voyage and plumbed the depths of the horrors of two world wars. When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the first time God’s thumbprints were all over the landscape. What is there in the world that is not known or will be known by the one who made all things and by His word the world is fused together waiting for His wrath and judgment. In this vast library of knowledge retained by the Lord He knows the name of every soul that is His child.

All men have the desire to be accepted. From birth the first response of a baby is to be nurtured and cared for. A natural acceptance of dependence is found in the heart of every child that is born. As life matures this need for recognition grows to adulthood fashioning the decisions of the choice of good or evil. Those who choose to follow the path of righteousness will find fewer acceptances from the influences of the world and can become discouraged. Paul assures the saints of God that if nothing else is known in the world – God knows those who are His and He cares for them. That is a startling revelation to consider the compassion of the Father for His children in whatever state they find themselves. During the first century of the church there were severe persecutions that divided families, destroyed homes and made being a Christian a difficult and hard life. Discouragement was rampant in the hearts of God’s people and they needed to know the Lord was not unaware of their plight. Sin would seek to overtake the hearts of the people of God but they could rest assured the Lord knew their burdens. This would also serve as a warning to those who thought they could serve God and mammon. The Lord was well aware of their evil deeds and would repay wickedness with eternal punishment if they continued in their rebellion. No matter the circumstance, the Father knew what was going on with every child of His and He cared for their needs. If the Lord could name every star – remembering the names of His people was a passing thought.

There is a deep assurance of trust the child of God can have when they think of how much their Father loves them. He knows them. His understanding of their needs is without boundaries and in the short time of life on earth He acknowledges every minute of life in His mind and heart. God cares for the problems of His people. Love is the basis of His relationship with His family and giving His only begotten Son was the greatest gift to show that He knows His children and He cares for His people. Noah was alone in the world with only seven righteous people but he found grace in the eyes of the Lord. He was not alone. The Father knew the struggles of Noah and saved eight people out of millions because He loved the righteous hearts of those who loved Him. Out of the nearly seven billion souls that live on planet earth if only eight souls were righteous and you were one of the eight – God would know you and He would care for you. Are you known by the Father as one of the righteous? God knows all those who are His. Do you know Him?

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