Three Points Of Confidence


Now I myself am confident concerning you, my brethren, that you also are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, able also to admonish one another. (Romans 15:14)

Three Points Of Confidence

Paul’s letter to the saints in Rome is a powerful declaration of the grace of God saving all men through the death of Jesus Christ. The Jews could not boast of their spiritual heritage as an advantage over the Gentiles and salvation would not be granted by living as a law to self. In his closing remarks to a heavily filled message of the doctrine of the gospel, the apostle tells them his purpose in writing and his confidence in their faith. It is a wonderful three part exhortation that would be invaluable for any Christian to emulate and pattern their life after. Paul knows these brethren were full of good works, filled with the knowledge of Christ and they genuinely cared for each other. Being full of good works expresses the kindness and benevolent heart shared by the saints in Rome. Their relationship with one another was not filled with hatred against one another as Jew and Gentile but accepting and willing to grow together in the gospel. There had been doctrinal issues that caused problems within the church but Paul was confident the overriding spirit of goodness prevailed in their hearts to work out their salvation with fear and trembling. The tools to congregational harmony come from saints who have the virtues of kindness in their attitudes respecting the unique character of everyone. It was difficult to convince the Jews and Gentiles to sit together, worship together and to be as one with each other but in Christ it could be done. Having a spirit of goodness paths the way for unity. They not only possessed it; they were full of it.

Brethren who share the word of God together grow together in the love of God. Their love for one another comes from a common bond of knowing the will of God. The word of God always unites people under one flag of allegiance and loyalty. Learning about the word brought their lives into one foundation of truth. The knowledge of Christ does not divide. With each kernel of truth the heart draws closer to the Father and with that knowledge is drawn in greater harmony with the children of God. The Roman church was filled with the knowledge of Christ which produced in Paul a confidence they would take his letter on its merit of God’s word and bring unity between Jew and Gentile. No congregation can survive if the study of the word is not emphasized and implemented as the foundational work of the church. The Bible must be at the forefront to know God, understand the person of Jesus Christ and be filled with Spirit of the Lord.

Finally Paul exhorted the saints in Rome to admonish, instruct and teach one another. A congregation filled with the goodness of benevolence and the knowledge of Christ will build the spirits of others up in their love for one another and the vigilant stand for truth. All men need encouragement and in the body of Christ one of the most important elements of unity is found in the character of building others up in the most holy faith. Filled with the word of God creates an atmosphere of power where all the souls are united for the common cause. No one is left behind. The weak are built up, the needy taken care of, the downtrodden exhorted and the examples of faith are followed. Commending and praising one another in the faith of Christ increases the strength of the work of God. There is a spirit of excitement and joy when saints come together because they know everyone is seeking their exhortation. Forsaking the assembly destroys that fabric but gathering as people of God to study, sing, pray, praise and worship the Lord is a mantle of strength that will carry the heart throughout the week. Like the early saints, daily exhortation is needed also. Never losing the desire to be with one another is a mark of a growing church. Home Bible studies, recreation with holy people of God and sharing in meals together is a means of admonishing one another. The church that spends time together grows together. Built upon the goodness of one another, being filled with the knowledge of Christ and seeking opportunities to instruct the hearts of all saints will bring great joy to the Lord and unity among brethren.

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