The Hard Lesson Of Trust


The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him. (Nahum 1:7)

The Hard Lesson Of Trust

It is easy to say we trust in God but to put that trust into action is the challenge. Trust means to have a confidence in and reliance upon another person to be fair, truthful, and honorable with an expectant hope in the future of good things. It also means we are willing to place our lives in the hands of another accepting they will look out for our welfare. Going into surgery we trust the medical staff to perform at their peak abilities so the procedure will be a success. Pilots are entrusted with flying the airplane with great care and expertise ensuring a safe journey. Eating in a restaurant is fraught with danger if the staff is not careful how they manage the food we consume. We trust they will do their best in making our meal pleasant. So many parts of our lives are filled with exercises in faith and trust in others to make certain we are not harmed or that we receive the highest level of care. Trusting God is another matter that often we have less faith in than the plumber or car repairman.

The greatest part of trust comes from experience. When we use professionals over a period of time we gain confidence in their abilities and are more willing to trust them. If a doctor has cared for the family for many years a bond of trust is established. Using a repairman on a constant basis ensures greater confidence when the larger jobs come. God has never left man without His testimony first to show there is all the reason in the world to trust Him. The children of Abraham stood at the shores of the Red Sea afraid they were to be slaughtered by the approaching Egyptian army. Moses assured them they would see the power of God that night and the people were delivered by God’s might dividing the sea allowing them to walk on dry land. There was no reason to fear because they had already learned to trust in the word of God. When the Lord brought the plagues on Egypt He punished the nation of Pharaoh but He also testified to the Hebrews that He had the power to protect them. What became death for one people was an example of God’s providential care for another. The plagues did not impact the Hebrews because the Lord surrounded them with His care. At the final plague the land of Egypt raised its voice in sorrow as they found their firstborns dead. None of the Hebrews had died because they trusted in the Lord and followed His word. Standing before the Red Sea there was no reason to doubt the power of God because He had already shown them His power. This would be repeated often over the next forty years.

Nahum declares the trust in the Lord is good because the people had seen the power of God throughout their history. He was a stronghold in the day of trouble as many days of trouble had overwhelmed the nation of Israel but God always delivered the righteous. Israel had history with God and had no reason not to trust Him. The Lord knows those who trust in Him because they have seen God working in their lives and believe He will continue to care for them. Life is challenging because we stand on a steep cliff unsure what to do and having no means to save ourselves. The Lord comes along and tells us to jump and He will catch us – we hesitate. It is one thing to say we trust in Him but to jump off a cliff into the air with the expectation of Him catching us is hard to accept. Trust knows He has carried us through many years and firmly believes that no matter what place we find ourselves the Lord will care for us. We trust in Him because we have history with Him. God has cared for us in every way before and He will care for us now. The days are dark but like the God when the days are bright and cheery our Father will care for us in the storms. He is the God of all days – good days and bad days. Trust knows He will not allow me to be overwhelmed with anything I cannot handle if only I put my confidence in Him. He is always faithful – that is an absolute. He has never failed and never will fail. We can let go of the rope and let His grace carry our lives in the palm of His mighty hand. Thank you God for being the great I AM and a Father we can trust to care for HIS CHILDREN. How mighty is your love.

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