Faith With A Foundation


As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving. (Colossians 2:6-7)

Faith With A Foundation

The life of a Christian has a beginning and it is there the most important part of the hope of the Christian begins. Building faith is a daily exercise of walking after the pattern of the Lord, establishing practices and principles that will build courage and devotion that will form an edifice of righteousness in the heart of the individual. It is a continual process nurtured by a constant rooting and building of character changed into the image of God. Paul exhorts the saints in Colosse to walk after the will of Christ but this cannot be done without the proper foundation. Faith alone can never last. If a building is constructed without a solid footing or underpinning it will fall. A solid foundation will keep the structure from being destroyed. Receiving the Christ into the heart is a time of joy and rejoicing in the redemption of the soul. However, if the spirit is not rooted and built upon in Christ, faith will fail and the hopes of the child of God will diminish. Jesus ended the sermon on the mountain with the admonition there are two kinds of soils to build faith upon: the solid rock or the shifting sands. The house of faith built upon the sand has no foundation and will easily be toppled. Building on the rock will give security to the heart to believe, obey and rejoice in the face of great trial. Faith must be rooted and grounded like a mighty oak that will bend in the wind but never fall.

Receiving the word of God requires walking in the word of God. This becomes a pattern of life, a way of thinking and a manner of decision making. Faith is built upon the exercise of walking in the light to see the will of God. The one who stands in one place will not grow. Those who sit upon the promises will have little faith in the power of God. The life of the Christian is the active pursuit of the word of Christ. Walking in Christ is walking in His footsteps. The heart is filled with the love of God through knowledge that guides the mouth to speak words of grace, the heart to feel compassion of grace and the hands to be busy in the diligent work of serving the Lord. There is an abundant life of activity in the life of the Christian. Daily growth is evident. It is impossible to walk in Christ and not grow. Failure to grow indicates a lack of activity in Christ. One of the long term effects of not walking in Christ is the inability to become rooted in Him. Walking creates roots and roots are necessary for building a life of faith.

Having a strong root system gives any tree the ability to withstand anything that comes against it. When the child of God seeks to build a solid root system of trust in the Lord, nothing in life will destroy them. There will be storms and trials but the heart of the Christian will safely trust in the Lord. The roots allow a strong building to be created in the grace of God because the heart is walking by faith in Christ. This edifice of faith will be evident to all as the roots silently strengthen the position of the heart and like a light shining on a hill, be an example to all who see it. Rooted in Christ and being built up in Him will establish the life of the Christian in the faith of God. Faith will come from the knowledge of the word of God strengthening the structure of the building as the heart abounds with thanksgiving. The tree of righteousness is firmly rooted building a strong trunk of faith that branches out with the abundant blessings of God. Faith is secure. There is hope and there is the joy of eternal promise. Walk in Christ. Create the roots of righteousness. Build on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. Establish faith in God. Abound with a heart of thanksgiving.

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