The Gospel Of Two


The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, but the prayer of the upright is His delight.

The way of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord, but He loves him who follows righteousness.

(Proverbs 15:8-9)

The Gospel Of Two

Throughout the Bible God emphasizes that man has a choice. He was given the ability to choose in the garden of Eden when the Lord placed two trees in the midst of the garden and told the man he could eat of one but the other was forbidden. Cain and Abel understood the choice of following the will of the Creator or disobeying it. Abel’s sacrifice was accepted but the worship of Cain was refused. Noah was given a choice to believe, obey and save his family or disbelieve and be lost. He chose to obey and found salvation. When the children of Israel received the law of the Lord they were told they had the choice between life and death. If they obeyed the will of God they would be blessed beyond measure. Choosing to rebel against the word of the Lord the nation would be destroyed. The latter was their end. Jesus came into the world as the light in the midst of darkness. Salvation was offered to those who would believe Jesus was the Christ the Son of the Living God; or not. Those who believed in Jesus found redemption and those who refused perished. Throughout the teachings of the New Testament canon the choice of righteousness and unrighteousness are contrasted with salvation to those who embrace the grace of God and condemnation for those who reject the mercy of the Lord.

The proverbs are filled with simple statements of truth that bear the mark of the wisdom of God in eternal prose. Two choices are given to all men and the results are markedly different. The wicked and the upright are opposed to one another. Those who follow in the ways of unrighteousness make sacrifices that are abominations to the Lord. The sacrifice is detestable, disgusting and abhorrent to the nostrils of God. What makes the sacrifice of the wicked so horrific is there is no desire to forsake evil. The life of the wicked is based on the carnal desires with no regard to the holiness of righteousness and truth. Hearts are filled with wickedness seeking the pleasures of self. God’s word is rejected, repudiated and renounced. There is another way men can walk to find the blessings of God: the prayer of the upright from the one who loves to follow righteousness. Man has always had a choice. The Lord loves those who believe and trust in Him. The upright heart is one who is seeking to please the Lord in everything they do. Self is not the center of life. Seeking the blessings of God is the sacrifice of the righteous who petition the Father for grace, truth and mercy. His way is their way, His truth is their truth and the life of the Savior is the life of the righteous. The wicked offer sacrifices of self while the righteous offer up prayers of servitude. God delights in the prayers of the righteous and loves to see His children walking in righteousness. Man has a choice.

The gospel of Jesus Christ offers all men the choice to live upright and follow the way of righteousness. Refusing to believe in the Son of God is a choice men will make when they refuse to worship in truth and live in their wickedness. Satan clouds the eyes of men to see there are only two choices. He does not want man to know God limits the choice to life and death. The sacrifice of the wicked is gratifying to the spirit of carnal man as they walk in the ways of unrighteousness fulfilling the fleshly desires that are for a moment. There are many choices offered by the great deceiver – all couched in the world of deceit and darkness. God’s word is true from the beginning. Two trees are still in the midst of man’s heart. The choice he makes will have eternal consequence. One way is an abomination to God; one way is His delight. God loves those who follow in the paths of righteousness. What choice will you make?

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