Our God Bears Our Burden Daily

psalm 68 19

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation. (Psalm 68:19)

Our God Bears Our Burden Daily

The joy of being a child of God is the knowledge that all of the trials, troubles and tribulations of life are carried by the Father. There are many things in the journey of life that can overwhelm the spirit of man. Sin constantly bombards the soul with the insidious desires of the flesh, the challenges of the mortal body can try the spirit, and the ever changing process of life will task the soul. Life can be a difficult journey. Anxieties can fill the heart if left unguarded. Worry will consume the days with uncertainty and fear. Satan works very hard to discourage the will of man to distrust God and challenge His place in their lives. Sadly the devil succeeds often and men fail to wait for the deliverance of God. David proclaims in his psalm the praise of serving a God who is the author of his deliverance and salvation. The Father is to be blessed because He not only delivers His children from the fears of life but He does it on a daily basis. Protection comes from the throne of God every day.

Each day brings its own challenges. Preparing to go to work is a daily event fraught with the uncertainty of what the day will bring. Heading off to school can be a daunting task for many young people. The uncertainties of a new day can weigh heavy on the minds of those who are walking in the deep shadows of sorrow and pain. Concerns for the future and regrets of the past can haunt the mind. God is there and will always be there for His children. He is a God of every day willing to bear the burdens of His children. This does not mean that life will be without pain and sorrow. As long as the earth remains, the seasons of life will be filled with joy and happiness and grief and tragedy. The Father has never promised that His children will be immune to disease, natural disasters, evil or persecution. His promise is to bear the burden for us so that it will not overwhelm us. And He will do that daily.

Trusting in God to carry the burden is allowing Him to take the burden. It is a natural response to trust the power of self more than God. Prayers may seem unanswered in our need for immediate gratification thinking the Lord is not hearing us. How the Father responds to our needs is only in His mind but the promise of His daily provisions is real. Allowing the presence of God to fill our daily lives will give us a blessed assurance He will care for us. Giving our burdens to Him allows us to focus on our relationship with Him and one another. The answers will come from His daily provisions. Knowing He has the wisdom to work His will in our lives gives us the confidence to trust in the providential care of His plan for us. As our Father, He knows what we need and He also knows what we do not need. David expressed in his psalm that trusting in the Lord will be like lying down among the sheepfolds, like the wings of a dove covered with silver and her feathers with yellow gold. Beautiful blessings will follow those who trust in the Lord and wait for the Father to fill the daily needs and carry the burdens of life each day. Whatever burden you have today let God provide His rest. The burdens you face tomorrow He will gladly take. If you have burdens of yesterday the Father can remove them by His loving grace and forgiveness. Let God command your strength. He has all the power and might to take all of your burdens and give you rest. And He will do it every day. Blessed be God.

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