What Do You Know About Jesus?


And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins. (Matthew 1:21)

What Do You Know About Jesus?

Joseph was very concerned about his young bride because she was pregnant and there was no plausible reason for that to happen. As he pondered his plight, the angel Gabriel came to him reassuring him of something that was impossible was possible. Mary was with child of the Holy Spirit and it was according to the will of God. The virgin birth of Jesus was the hallmark of God’s redemptive power to bring salvation to all men. No other man had been brought into the world as Jesus and it would never be repeated again. This was a single miracle of the hand of God profound in its implications. The story of Jesus began in this fashion and in accordance with the completed days of birth Jesus became a man. As a baby he had to learn how to sit up, and then crawl and finally standing alone began learning how to walk. Joseph and Mary taught him how to form words and sing the words of holy writ. His earliest memories would be of the far away land of Egypt where his parents lived for a few years. Jesus learned to work in his father’s carpentry shop in Nazareth along with his half-brothers and half-sisters. He studied, played, worked around the home, marveled at the sun, moon and stars and became enthralled with the Temple of God in the city of Jerusalem. His life was as common as any boy growing up in Galilee but uncommon. At the age of thirty years, he left home and began a three year ministry of teaching, healing all diseases, challenging the religious leaders of his day and while his mother watched, died along with two condemned men on a hill outside the city of David. While his death was not uncommon or his burial, the truth his tomb was found empty and many witnesses saw him alive for many days was the miracle of all time. He now rules from his place with the heavenly Father and will until the end of time.

Thirty-three years is not a long life but no man ever filled the pages of history as Jesus did in his short life. Even more remarkable is what he accomplished in a span short of three years. His life changed the world, his teaching molded a new world, and his death reverberates through every generation. The words of Jesus shocked the world. His teaching was unlike anything man had ever known. He showed through the power of miracles that he was the son of God. Untold disciples followed him and would be willing to give their lives because of the solitary life of one man – Jesus of Nazareth. No man spoke as this Jesus. In all of the long history of man has one life changed the world as the man from Galilee who died on a Roman cross. His story is denied by many, the truths of his teaching challenged and the possibly of resurrection scoffed as impossible. Yet the life of one man continues to remain the same – remarkably true and without flaw. All the critics in the two thousand years since his story first splashed across the headlines of history have been silenced because his story is real and it is eternally true. Jesus is real and his story is the message of a compassionate God who loved the world so much he allowed them to kill him so that in his death he could save all men.

There is no doubting his story. Four gospels cover the life of Jesus as revealed by the Holy Spirit. Most of what Jesus did in his life is not recorded. The four gospels contain a fragment of his words, deeds, miracles and teachings. God carefully selected the parts of Jesus’ life to tell men of the grace of salvation in the snapshots of each gospel writer. Everything that is needed to be known about the life of Jesus is completed in the gospels. With the addition of the writings of Moses, the Psalms and the Prophets and the books of a new covenant the word of God is completed in sixty-six books declaring the story of one man – Jesus Christ. The Bible from Genesis to the Revelation is about Jesus. He is hoped for in the Old Testament, realized in the gospels and proclaimed in the New Testament. He is the son of God proclaimed through the written word and given to all men so they can read and understand the mind of God. Available in every language and through every medium known to man, the story of Jesus fills the world. What a remarkable story is told of the little baby born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph.

God has made the story of his son available to everyone to read and understand. The most important question to ask is how much do I know about the life of Jesus Christ? We live in a world where we are taught to read at a very early age. The Bible is available without dispute in a land that allows freedom of thought and belief. Recorded in paper form, electronic copy, audio and visual recreations, the Bible is freely given to all who would spend the time to know its content. Churches dot the landscape with religious folk that seem to give their life for a belief in Jesus Christ. Debates are raised to the doctrine of the book. Studies are held to examine closely its content. In the midst of this entire plethora of knowledge about Jesus Christ few people know the story of Jesus. It must sadden the heart of God to see the story of his son go unnoticed. He has afforded every opportunity for man to know the story of his son yet few could recite much about his life. Is that person you? Can you tell the story of Jesus from his birth to his ascension to the Father? The depth of your knowledge can only be measured by the time spent in learning about the man who was God and how God revealed his son to all men through the written word. Who is this Jesus that Gabriel told Joseph would be born? Tell me the story of Jesus. Write on my heart every word.

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