Acknowledge The Lord

proverbs 356

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Acknowledge The Lord

Words have powerful meaning and the Holy Spirit did not mince His use of words when He inscribed the Holy book. Throughout the writings of the sixty-six books called ‘The Bible,’ the nature and character of God is lifted from page after page for man to see who the Lord God and Creator of the world is and to honor that name. Repeatedly the Holy Spirit pleads with the readers to trust in the Lord refusing to rely upon human wisdom for guidance. The calamities of men have all come from seeking the failed philosophies of the carnal man. There has always been a standard of right and wrong established by the will of the Lord. Following the law of God will always bring blessing, peace, contentment and enjoyment in this life and the life to come. Godliness is the character of seeking to mold the heart after the precepts of righteousness and truth. Trusting in the voice of the Father will always keep the heart of the child safe. Putting these truths to the test is the ability of man to acknowledge God in every part of life.

God has always required first place. From the days of the Garden of Eden to the giving of the Law of Moses and the coming of Jesus Christ, the only place the Lord wanted His people to be was in an abiding relationship of trust with Him. Belief was not a casual experience. It was a constant acknowledgment of God’s place in every part of life. The wisdom passage exhorts the spirit to recognize God alone has the power and might to bless man. Acknowledging the Lord in all the ways of life is the only place He wants to be. God created the heavens and earth and man is dependent upon every factor of creation. The sun rises according to the will of the Creator; not man. Life comes when God puts the breath in the body and forms it according to His divine pattern. Seasons come and go as it has done from the beginning of time because God created the cycle of life. Death is real because the hand of the Lord expelled man from the garden refusing him entrance again. Until man acknowledges the realities of his place in creation he is doomed.

Death is the consequence of rebellion against God. Adam and Eve disobeyed the law of God and suffered the penalties of sin. There was no hope apart from the grace of God and His plan to save all men. Sin destroyed the world in the days of Noah and continues to cast the world with a blanket of darkness from its evil allurements. Salvation cannot come from the hand of man because he is incapable of saving himself. God loved the world so much He sent His only Begotten Son to die for all men. The Light of the world shone in the hearts of men and hope reigned eternal through the sacrifice of Jesus. Man did not bring this grace about. Only by the mercy and love of God is man now able to come boldly before the throne of God and find redemption from sin. Until man acknowledges the truth of the sacrifice of Jesus he remains doomed in the mire of sin.

When man acknowledges God in all His ways, he releases the selfish desires to worship himself as a god. Nothing in this world came by the hand of man. Eternal salvation did not come from the goodness of men. The stark reality is that man has done nothing to give himself life whether physical or spiritual. God created man and God recreated man through the death of His Son. Acknowledging the power of the Father in every way admits the dependency upon the grace of God as the only means of salvation. God saved man; men did not save God. Trusting in the word of God and allowing His word to guide the heart will show man that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and by His power the world stands. Coming to know the power of sin can only be dismissed by the loving kindness of the Father who sent His Son to die on a cross and through His blood redeem all men who come to Him. Man must acknowledge the truth found in the word of God. Without conceding the heart to the will of the Father, there can be no hope. He requires all of the heart, soul, mind and body. Anything less will not be accepted to the Lord.

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