The Challenge Of Faith

faith pebble

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good testimony. By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. (Hebrews 11:1-3)

The Challenge Of Faith

It is not easy to believe in something that is unseen. Faith is a contradiction of the senses. There is a need to see, touch, taste or hear a thing to allow clarity of belief and often without that assurance there is no faith. This is more prevalent in matters of believing in the one God than anything else. No one would doubt that wind exists but the only reality is the unseen power of what it does. Wind is invisible and unseen. The evidence of wind is what it does with dust, water or the movement of trees. Faith is found in ordinary matters of life. Flying in an airplane takes a great deal of faith all the forces of nature will allow a huge piece of metal to soar through the air and land safely. Ships that sail upon the oceans of the world depend on the laws of buoyancy to safely go from port to port. Sending men to the moon required an immense about of faith in science to accomplish the incredible accomplishments of space. The heart begins beating in the creation of life and continues for many years with no thought given as to how or why. Considering the immense amount of information retained by the brain and all of the intricate manifestations of the mind throughout life is without explanation. Everything in this world is based in part or whole to the idea of faith and few would dismiss the truth of believing what is unseen. Believing in one God is easily rejected by the same minds that accept faith in everything else in life.

There is no argument the world was created; only the manner of its creation. Moses did not witness the creation of the world when he wrote the book of Genesis. Faith guided his hand to describe the Lord speaking and forming the world. All of the stories of Genesis came solely by the hand of faith inspired by an unseen God who declared the message of the early world to Moses. He described the circumstances surrounding his birth coming from the pages of faith. Faith is the evidence or proof of things that cannot be seen – the invisible. Men believe in the invisible every day but when it comes to accepting the Bible as the word of God unbelief clouds the eye. Faith is evidence as clear as the sun, moon and stars. How does man believe in life when life cannot be seen? Life begins in the womb – explain that. A man lives 70 years – explain this. Death takes life away – how is that understood? Faith is the evidence the force of life comes from the hand of God and in death returns to the One who gave it. Science cannot color it, create it or reproduce it but who does not believe in life? The sad irony of those who reject faith as a basis for belief in God cannot explain why they have life and where it comes from. They attempt to answer with science but they can never go to the question of who created what and how.

Faith is the fundamental challenge all men face. It is accepting what they cannot see and what they may not be able to fully understand. Rejecting God because they do not see Him or cannot recreate Him in a test tube is as foolish as the watch rejecting its maker as a lie. A watch is formed by a creator with design and purpose. Man is created in the image of God with design and purpose. Disbelieving in a Creator is man becoming his own creator so that he may worship himself. Faith is the evidence of things unseen and that troubles men. The worlds were formed by the power of God with no one to witness its creation. Adam and Eve saw the result of creation and all we can do is see the same world. The visible is accepted by faith through eyes which do not see. Without having a faith in God and Him alone there is nothing to hope for – man is nothing more than a miserable morsel of flesh. Here is the story of faith: the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible. Believe.

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