Arise And Go Over

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After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, it came to pass that the Lord spoke to Joshua the son of Nun, Moses’ assistant, saying: “Moses My servant is dead. Now therefore, arise, go over this Jordan, you and all this people, to the land which I am giving to them—the children of Israel. (Joshua 1:1-2)

Arise And Go Over

Today begins a year fresh with the anticipation of what may be, what will be and what is hoped. The beginning of every year has that cleanliness of untarnished days to be filled with new directions and dreams. Resolutions are made with zeal. Promises are established with optimism. There is a feeling of superhuman power to make this new year the best year it can be. And it can be if we have the right viewpoint of life. Every day is a new day and should be approached with the same anticipation as the beginning of a new year. God has given to each one of us the opportunity to begin anew each time we open our eyes. There is nothing that can be changed from the pages of yesterday as they are indelibly marked with the passing of time. The future is always out of reach for what can be because it is unattainable. All that we have is the present and how we measure our steps to bring a brighter day tomorrow will be determined by how we live today. Joshua, the son of Nun, found himself in a very precarious position. Moses was dead and placed upon the shoulders of an eighty year old man was the responsibility of leading God’s people into the promised land. Joshua had a remarkable new year in his life. The Lord understood the need to encourage him and gave Joshua a lesson of purpose to guide his life.

For forty years the people of God had wandered in the wilderness as a whole generation of Israelite’s died. Punished for their disobedience, the nation was not permitted to enter the promised land until the judgment of the Lord had been fulfilled. Now a new generation stood on the shores of Jordan looking to a land of promise given to them by the Lord. Joshua did not need to look back at the years past. Moses was dead and that would not change. The mantle of leadership was on his shoulders now and the Lord made sure that Joshua understood that what had happened in the past forty years could not be erased. There are many things that can be seen in the previous year we would wish to change. Sadly there is nothing that will bring change to yesterday. We are victims of our past, prisoners of our present and judges of our future. God admonished Joshua to look ahead and fulfill the work given to him by the Lord.

Conquering the land of Canaan would take a lot of courage and faith. The Lord told Joshua the only way this would be accomplished was for him to arise and go over and follow the commands of the Lord. Action was needed. Faith would sustain the people as they walked in the words of the Lord. Obedience required them to trust in the word of the Lord. The victory over Jericho proved each point as the city was conquered by the power of God. Looking into a new year takes the same kind of courage to overcome the Jericho’s that stand in the way. There will be times we have to walk into the valley of Elah and fight giants like Goliath. God will bless our lives with the rarefied air of victory over the challenges of life because of our faith in Him. Each day will bring the promise of overcoming when we trust in the Lord. Joshua finished his life by exhorting his brethren to choose the Lord and serve Him only. There is no other choice. The only resolution that will matter in this new and exciting year is whether we serve the Lord. Arise and go over. Conquer each day with the power of God. Growing in Christ will only come to those who have Christ growing in them.

This year we will focus on daily devotions aimed at building our love for God. The first day of the week we will continue to examine God as our Father. On Monday we will spend time looking at passages to build our faith. Our Tuesday Morning Early Starts will talk about the stories of men and women of scripture – the good and the bad. Wednesday will focus on Jesus, the Son of God. Each Thursday will be a day of praise, devotion, prayer and ministry in the grand book of the Psalms. Finally on Friday we conclude the week with looking at Life Challenges. It is my prayer that in some small way these devotionals will increase our love for God and our love for one another. Thank you for being a part.

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2 Responses to Arise And Go Over

  1. Ernie & Brenda Burns says:

    Dear Brother Kent, Ernie and I are so thankful and grateful for your daily devotionals. Your love of God and love for others shines through with each word we read. ~ Glory be to God always ~


  2. heatonkent says:

    You are such a blessing to Karen and I. Thank you for your faith and love for God.


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