Something New And Better


In that He says, “A new covenant,” He has made the first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away. (Hebrews 8:13)

Something New And Better

Everyone likes getting something new. It is exciting to buy a new car, build a new house or start a new job. There is a freshness that brings that new car smell to mind. Moving into a new home freshly painted and perfectly constructed is a wonderful experience. A new job can be scary but still a new beginning is often the most productive. There is anticipation when something new comes along. Driving an old truck for many years brings a sense of comfort but the newer trucks have so many whistles and bells that attract the senses of want. When things become worn out over time there comes a time for replacement. The Law of Moses served a purpose for a time but like many things needed to be replaced. When God gave the Law to the nation of Israel, it was established upon the grace of God’s love to redeem His people through the sacrifices of animals. The Gentiles were saved as a law to themselves which included animal sacrifices. Both laws were inefficient. There was a need for a better covenant.

The Law of Moses was an old covenant given to a select group of people based upon sacrifices that could never fully take away sin. God had determined before the world was created to establish a new covenant that would fulfill the demands of sin. A new covenant would be given that would cost the Son of God His life on a cross outside Jerusalem. Love was the binding contract for the establishment of the new covenant. It would be unlike the covenant with the Jews and Gentiles. Man could not save himself as a law to himself or keeping the old law. Jesus would be a perfect sacrifice without spot or blemish given for all the sins of man. He opened the door to a new way, a new truth and a new life. His blood was a better means of salvation unmatched by anything man could do. The sacrifice of Jesus took away the Law of Moses. The first covenant was obsolete. It vanished away long ago. There is no hope in the Law of Moses. The Jews could not keep the law failing miserably to perform the requirements of the law. Only in the new covenant was hope rekindled through the blood of Jesus.

A new covenant is a remarkable statement of God’s mercy. He proved that man could not live to himself or be keepers of a faulty covenant. The sacrifice of Jesus exalted the glory of God to show all men the loving grace of the power found in a new covenant. There will never be another covenant or testament declaring the will of God. All man needs is found in the new covenant established by Christ at a place called Golgotha. It is through the resurrection that hope rises to the throne of the Lord God giving promise to all men the new covenant is the last and greatest act of love man will ever see. Almost all things that are new become old but the new covenant of Christ will never grow old. Established two thousand years ago the law is still in its perfect state of newness. Imagine possessing something that old and it remains new. The new covenant is the law of God saving men through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It will remain until the Lord returns. A new covenant. Thank you God.

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2 Responses to Something New And Better

  1. Anonymous says:

    Kent thank you for the in depth explanation of Something New and Better. Pat forwards your lessons to me and I enjoy them very much. Again thank you……Doris Keiningham


  2. heatonkent says:

    Thank you Doris. I am happy to help in any way I can.


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