Leadership In The Home


For if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church of God? (1 Timothy 3:5)

Leadership In The Home

The family makes up the foundation of every society. As the family goes so goes the nation and as the nation goes so goes the world. This is a fundamental truth that has been the staple of history since the beginning of time. God created the heavens and the earth with purpose and design. The family was created with purpose and design. Trying to change the makeup of the home into any other pattern than established by the Lord will only bring chaos. Because of sin, man takes on the headship of the home as the guide, leader and rule. Nothing is suggested in this organization that woman is a lesser being or that man should be a tyrant. The role of man is to be the leader of the home. His place is to rule the home in accordance with the word of God. His purpose in the relationship of husband and father will be to mold the character of his wife and children to serve God in all glory. This will require diligence on his part to take that role seriously and to follow the word of God learning how to fulfill the design of the home.

Leadership in the home is found in the qualities that make a man acceptable to shepherd the flock of God. While these qualities are required for a man to lead the family of God, they must begin in the home where all men find their calling. Whether he becomes an overseer of the Lord’s body does not change the fact the man must learn how to rule his own home. The art of ruling is not something from the middle ages suggesting a cruel and oppressive leadership. Like a shepherd of the flock, the husband and father guides the family with temperance, sober-mindedness, gentleness, not quarrelsome and with all reverence toward God. A man must rule his household. He must look to the needs of every member whether physical or spiritual. His role is to work by the sweat of his brow providing the family with the necessities of life. He will guide the home with a deeper understanding of the word of God. Combined together his family will not lack. The wife will be treated in the same manner that Christ loves the church. As a father he will not provoke his children but train them in the admonition of righteousness and holiness. His rule of the home is overshadowed by the hand of God.

There is a great need for men to take the mantle of leadership to guide the home as the Lord desires. If a man does not know how to rule his own household he cannot guide the family of God. This does not limit the responsibility of all men who serve the Lord to learn how to be a husband that nourishes and cherishes the wife and to lead the children to the throne of God. Every man must be a leader in the home. Women are to be in subjection because that is the will of God. Noble men who take the charge of the Lord to guide the home will show the woman how enjoyable subjection will be under the will of the heavenly Father. Ruling the home requires courage. Faith is the center of the home as the man builds the walls of truth around his family. Covering the home with the grace of God will protect the family from the wiles of the devil seeking to destroy the leadership of the man. Men must be leaders. They must rule the home under the care of the word of God. As students of the book the man will learn how to make righteous decisions and direct the family to the heavenly gates. If a man does not know how to rule his own house well he will leave it up to someone who will destroy it.

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