Cursing Mother And Father Brings Death

children swearing

For everyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death. He has cursed his father or his mother. His blood shall be upon him. (Leviticus 20:9)

Cursing Father And Mother Brings Death

The highest of God’s creation was the formation of man and woman and the establishment of the home. From this place the world would be filled as the man and woman multiplied and families spread throughout the land. Adam and Eve had two sons named Cain and Abel. Sadly, the tragedy of sin quickly filled the hearts of their home when Cain killed his brother Abel. Many children would be born to Adam and Eve but none bore the stain of heartbreak more than the banishment of Cain. Noah would raise three sons in a world so wicked it would be destroyed by the Lord. He and his wife worked hard to instill in their three sons a respect for God and love for truth. The examples of Ham, Shem and Japheth show their honor given to the parents in believing in the flood and following through with the warnings of destruction. It is incredible that not only was the family of Noah saved but also his three daughters-in-law. The wives of Ham, Shem and Japheth also honored their father-in-law by believing in the flood. When the Law was given to the people of Israel, the Lord had much to say about respect for parents. The sanctity of the home was very precious to God. Capital punishment was meted out to those who committed murder, adultery, idolatry, blaspheming the name of the Lord and failing to keep the Sabbath holy. Included in the law of capital punishment was death to anyone who cursed their parent.

It is clear God expects great respect to be given parents. One could argue the penalty of death to those who commit murder but in the eyes of the Lord there is no difference in a murderer than one who would curse their father and mother. Death is the sentence of a man who curses his father or mother showing the disdain of the Creator to any that would trample the sacredness of the home. The Lord will not accept those who would insult or trample upon the paternal dignity and authority of the home. Rebellious children were put to death, not tolerated. The message is not so much the execution of the child but the view of God toward the home. He demands respect and honor be given to parents who have borne the children into the world. While the Law of Moses has been abolished the feeling of God’s wrath upon those who would trifle His design of the home remains the same. Under the Law of Moses judgment came in this life. At the judgment bar of God He will bring about swift punishment upon those who do not honor the home.

Cursing father and mother is the highest level of disrespect. Fathers are commanded to bring their children up in the training of the Lord and when a child curses their father they curse God. In the creation man and woman were formed as the agents of procreation with the command of the Lord to teach respect and honor to the children so they would honor the parent. Ultimately this would reflect upon the child’s view of God. If a child does not honor their father and mother they will not honor God as Father. The penal sanctions of the law criminalized the actions of the child to the parent. There is wisdom in the will of God to enforce such laws as the foundation of any society. Jesus affirmed this view in His teaching showing God’s view of cursing father and mother is sinful.

The respect of children for parents must begin in the home. It must be seen the purpose of teaching children to honor father and mother forms the basis of a child’s view of God. If the child does not learn to give honor to the parent they will not obey the Lord. A child left to themselves will grow up without God. Parents who allow their children to talk back to them and disrespect them teach them to dishonor the word of God. Spoiled and unruly children grow up with the attitude the world owes them everything. When this reflects upon their understanding of the Heavenly Father there will be no hope for their soul. Some children curse their father and mother because their parents have allowed that behavior to form the child’s heart. The home will be filled with shame. Children who learn to honor their parents will know how to honor God. Too many children grow up cursing God because they have cursed their parents. Godly homes must teach children how important it is to love and respect God and His word. Saving a child’s heart in the home will save their soul in eternity. Children must obey their parents in the Lord because that is the right thing to do.

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