Protect The Home

Lion Roaring Wallpapers 2

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

Protect The Home

Vance Havner wrote, “America is a disaster area home wise. The automobile took the family out of the home, and television brought the world into the home.” When God created man and woman He established the home in a place where He Himself walked and dwelt so that the family would find the joys of His presence. Before sin, man did not fear the presence of the Lord. There was no shame, sorrow or heartache. Satan was the adversary that destroyed the paradise home of Eden. His deceitful ploy against Eve took away the happiness of man and God dwelling together. Guilt and pain followed and man found himself cast from the presence of the Lord. The devil continues his vicious onslaught to break down the foundations of righteousness in the home knowing that as the home goes; so goes the world; and as the home goes so goes the church.

Peter warns of the dangers of Satan as like a roaring lion seeking all those whom he can grasp within his web of his deceitful lies. So often, his ploy is not to present wickedness in a form that would disgust the heart with the ugly nature of sin but rather simple things of life that on the surface are pleasant and unremarkable. Havner remarked on the influence of the automobile and the television that are innocuous at best. The nuclear family that spent time together growing in the knowledge of God is now replaced with the hectic pursuit of harried lives pursuing the pleasures of a materialistic world and sitting in front of a glowing box like zombies that are the sitting dead.

The church is not growing and evangelizing because the home has become a place of recreation and self-pursuits building upon foundations of materialism and covetousness. Early saints went everywhere teaching the good news of Jesus Christ under the pale of severe persecution. Before the invention of the automobile and the television, communities were united under the common need of the family. The Bible was read on a constant basis because there was no distraction of wasteful hours of spiritual numbness. There was a unity of common spirit among the community of families that depended on one another, knew one another and shared in the joys and sorrows of life. In our modern world of wonder we do not know our neighbors and more often than not – we do not know our family. The church struggles to interest souls who have little time for God and His work. Services of God’s people are becoming less and less and time spent together in worship is fractured with mini-minutes of fast paced order to dismiss and rush home. Smiling in the shadows is a monstrous lion who knows his work is having an impact on the holy nation of God and he is pleased. Do you hear his roar?

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