The Story Of Two Wives

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An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who causes shame is like rottenness in his bones. (Proverbs 12:4)

The Story Of Two Wives

In the neighborhood of Old Testament proverbs live two women who cannot be as different as night and day. On one side of the street is the home of an excellent wife whose husband is praised in the gates for her righteousness. Across the narrow lane is a husband who hangs his head in shame for the frivolity of his wife. Two men live across the street from one another and one is filled with thankfulness and gratitude while the pitied neighbor is filled with remorse and hopelessness. The wisdom literature is unflinching in the deep truths of righteousness reflected in the home. A husband wears a crown of honor because of his wife. Another husband is filled with rottenness or decay in his spirit as he watches his wife flitter her life away with slothful, wasteful and indolent living, ill-tongued and boisterous. Her character is not of submission but ruling the home with her hand of superiority.

Two women bring glory and shame to the home. The first woman is one whose heart dwells in the temple of God. Her character is for the good of the family, the honor of her husband and the glory of God. The mantle of her character is righteousness. She fills her heart with the word of God learning the traits of humility, charity, industry and kindness to others. Her dress is modest reflecting a spirit of purity and holiness. The tongue of a righteous woman praises her husband. There is joy in her heart as she submits to the leadership of her husband according to the will of the Lord. In her home are the pillars of truth, worship and godliness. The second woman is one whose heart dwells in the temples of men. She is wanton in her desire to be like the world. Her character is bold and asserting in the likeness of the world. The mantle of her character is the embolden woman of the world who cast off the cloak of submission commanded by God. They rule the home, degrade the husband and bring shame to the glory of the Lord. Her dress is the immodesty of the standards of society exalting the flesh above the spirit. She brings unhappiness to the marriage gnawing at the marrow of life and bringing shame to her husband.

The language of the Proverbs does not settle well in the world of the liberated woman and the cowardly husband. Many men have abdicated their roles of leadership for the submission to the woman. In a world gone mad with the destruction of the home, wives have taken control of the home demanding husbands bow to their wishes and desires. An excellent wife is still a crown of her husband and the woman who brings shame to the home is rottenness to the bones. From the Garden of Eden, the role of man and woman was ordained by the Creator. Like all things in His creation, the family is designed with perfection. When God looked at the first home He declared that is was very good. Through the influence of Satan, the home has become a place of unhappiness, immorality and rebellion. Women who have liberated themselves from the pattern of God are in sin. Husbands who refuse to lead the family as prescribed by the Lord rebel against the word of God.

When men go against the created pattern of God’s design there will be consequences. In a world given over to same-sex marriages and the meaning of marriage being redefined by the immoral fleshly cravings of perversion, the wisdom of the proverbs remains true. The home is a strong as the will of God that dwells there. The head of man is Christ and the head of woman is man. Wives are to be in subjection to their husbands and the man is to be the leader of the home. That is not a social statement; that is the law of God. Women who refuse to submit – sin. Husbands who fail to take the role of leadership in the home – sin. There will either be excellency in the home or there will be rottenness.

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