Rejecting God Not Man


Therefore he who rejects this does not reject man, but God, who has also given us His Holy Spirit. (1 Thessalonians 4:8)

Rejecting God Not Man

The early church was built upon the writings and teachings of the apostles as they were inspired through the Holy Spirit. Paul was a vibrant worker for the Lord writing many letters and treatise establishing patterns for the early church to follow. He wrote some tough things to the churches of the first century. His letter to Corinth was a very difficult pronouncement against the many problems faced by the church. Immorality was so common in society the church was constantly exhorting the Christians to maintain a life of purity. In his letter to Thessalonica, Paul again outlined the need to remain pure from sexual promiscuity. The reason for the apostles admonition was one simple rule: refusal to live pure was rebellion against God, not man.

From the beginning the law of God has been about the law of God. Men are the instruments that serve the purpose of the law. When the world rejects the words of righteousness, they are rebelling against the truth of God. It is easy for men to become discouraged believing they are the ones being rejected. Noah must have felt overwhelmed at the attitudes of his world as he pleaded with his friends and neighbors to be warned of the impending doom. How grieved his heart must have been when he saw the door of the ark closing and only his family was saved. The world rejected God – not Noah. A contrast is seen in the story of Jonah. After preaching to the city of Nineveh, the whole city repented and changed their ways. Jonah became angry that God was not going to destroy the city. What changed the heart of the people was the word of God. Jonah was only an instrument but it was God’s word that changed their hearts. They did not believe in Jonah, they believed in God.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest message of salvation man will know. It has been preached for two thousand years and yet most men reject the need for salvation. Thousands of people share the gospel every day throughout the world facing rejection, persecution and denial. What the world rejects is the word of God, not man. The power of the gospel is in the gospel. It cannot be changed, improved upon, colored a different color or tampered with. No man has a right to change the simple message of Christ crucified because there is no other wisdom given to man that will save him. Servants of God have only one mission: preach the word. Let the gospel of its free course in the hearts of men. When someone obeys the gospel it is because of the power of the word, not the man. For those who reject the waters of life they rebel against the Lord God.

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