Forgiveness Glorifies The Father

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For Your name’s sake, O Lord, pardon my iniquity, for it is great. (Psalm 25:11)

Forgiveness Glorifies The Father

Sin leaves a terrible mark upon man. There is nothing he can do to provide the answer to sin apart from God. When Adam and Eve rebelled against God in the Garden of Eden, they hid in fear and shame. There was nothing they could do to find salvation until the Lord granted His mercy and grace upon them. Noah was told of an impending flood that would destroy all humanity but he would not have known this apart from God. Having received the news of the flood, Noah was still at the mercy of the Lord to know what to do to avert the tragedy. By the grace of God Noah was instructed to build an ark that would save himself and his family. When David and Bathsheba sinned in their liaison of adultery leading to murder, they were to be stoned to death in accordance with the Law of Moses but God removed that penalty. It was David who wrote that when God pardoned iniquity, it was to show the glory and majesty of the Almighty.

Forgiveness takes place in the mind of God. Man cannot boast of his own worth when the Lord removes his sin. Receiving the remission of sin glorifies the Father. The incarnation of Jesus was God’s idea. Allowing His Son to die on a cross brought exaltation to the Father. Granting remission of sins in the waters of baptism sets a man free from the bondage of sin but it magnifies the character of God more than anything else does. Forgiveness promotes the name of the Father “that His glorious character may be displayed; that he may show himself to the universe to be merciful and gracious. There are, doubtless, other reasons why He pardons sin – reasons drawn from the bearing which the act of mercy will have on the welfare of the universe; but still the main reason is, that His own honor will thus be promoted, and His true character thus made known” (Albert Barnes)

Each time I ask the Father to forgive me I must remember that what I ask of Him is to glorify His name. I am a sinner because I have transgressed His law. The only hope of redemption is in the name of the Father. There is no other way, there can be no other truth and the only life I can find that is eternal is in the name of the Father. Salvation is all about the mercy and grace of the Lord God Father. Without Him, I would be nothing and am nothing. Godly sorrow comes from the realization that my sin injures the name of my heavenly Father. Granting forgiveness exalts the name of God and His name alone. The conclusion is a powerful reminder of my own insignificance and the eternal glory of the One who grants me His abiding love to promise eternal life in His presence. How great the name of God.

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