The Most Influential Man In History


The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Son of David, the Son of Abraham: (Matthew 1:1)

The Most Influential Man In History

Time Magazine has come out with its 100 most influential people of our time. The list includes pioneers, titans, artists, leaders and icons. There are familiar faces like President Trump and Kim Jong Un who fill the headlines with political intrigue. The list includes the degradation of our moral compass like Bruce Jenner and the transgender movement. There are scientist, researchers, inventors and power brokers in the business world including movie stars, athletes and a host of others who fill the lists. A list of influential people is relative to who is making the lists. If I were to make a list of the most influential people in my life, it would never match the list someone else would make.

Influence is the effect of something on a person, thing, or event whether good or bad. A person can have an influence or power to sway others by their actions. Any lists of influential people will have a number who are cruel despots who force the world to cater to their evil desires. Many change the world quietly working in their fields of expertise giving new hope in science discovery and advances in medicine. It is a confusing list to see how people have changed the world because across the face of the influences are questions about life, death, morality and the failed attempts of man to find the answer to his inner self. This is not a list of moral excellence. Far from it. These people have brought change. And the sad reality is that lacking from this list is the single most influential person in history – from the beginning of time itself: Jesus Christ.

Pundits would immediately disagree with the idea that Jesus Christ is the most influential person of history. They would cry foul and declare a mistrial because it is not possible to accept a man of religious character wearing the title of most significant person of history. The easiest way to prove the point is to ask what the date is. Today is April 24, 2017. That date is significant because two thousand years ago a little baby was born in Bethlehem of Judea that literally changes the course of history for man. His name was Jesus and He was the Son of God. Thirty years later, He began a ministry that would change the world. His message changed the world. The stories of His power changed the world. Those who followed Him changed the world. Our year is determined upon the solitary life of a man who grew up in Nazareth and died outside of Jerusalem. His message of hope is repeated in copy all over the world. Every nation on earth has heard of Jesus Christ. The Bible is in every language. Jesus Christ brought a message of morality unmatched by any philosophy of man. Men will try to transmute their lives into something else but nothing will ever change the creation of God to what it is created to be.

Time has nothing on making a list of influential people. By their own title, they declare they are temporary. Time has a beginning and has an end. Born in Bethlehem is the meaning of eternal. Time meet Eternity; Time meet the Word; Time – your list is flawed; God’s list of One is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Now that is influence.

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