The Lord Of Hosts Is His Name


Thus says the Lord, who gives the sun for a light by day, the ordinances of the moon and the stars for a light by night, who disturbs the sea, and its waves roar: the Lord of hosts is His name. (Jeremiah 31:35)

He Is The Lord Of Hosts

We begin a new page in the history of man as another year fades to the memory of yesterday and a bright new dawn stretches before us. There is something inspiring to begin a new year with a view of God’s benevolent hand as He works in our lives to soothe, console, exhort and bless our needs with His love. Having the Lord as the focus of our lives will give us hope for whatever tomorrow brings. Time teaches the soul what is important in life because all men march to the grave awaiting an everlasting resurrection. No one is exempt. The old must die and the young can die. Life is filled with the busy pursuits of worldly gain and then found wanting for the lack of fulfillment found in earthly treasures. Every new year reminds us of the fleeting nature of life and how brief the years of our toil become. As a vapor, life speeds along a path that leads to one door all men must pass. What lies on the other side of that door is all that will matter in life. A new year is an opportunity to realize what is beyond that door.

By the blessing of God, the sun rises on the first day of a new year. Unnoticed by a world filled with their own pursuits, the revolution of the universe continues to whirl about as God planned from the beginning of time. The moon and stars herald the majesty of their Creator each night. Creation cries forth the thumbprint of the One who established the heavens and ordained the seasons. All things continue as they were from the beginning of time. The sun that dawns on this new day is the same sun Adam looked upon in amazement. Abraham followed the same stars that beckon each traveler through the centuries of time and that we witness today. The world remains the same because the Lord God ordained the universe to show His power and majesty. His name is magnified every day and every night. God’s glory is declared in creation.

A new year brings challenges and blessings. Plans are made for the year with great anticipation. If there are any lessons to learn from the previous year, it is that life is short and life is not about the here and now. The world has gone through tremendous changes in the past year. What matters most is not the stuff we hoard around us or the pleasures we seek for a moment’s gratification. If the Lord God is not the center of our life, we will find little joy in the coming year. His name is exalted every time the sun rises and the night falls with the blanket of stars. It matters not whether men acknowledge Him or not because His glory is revealed every day because He is God. The Lord of Hosts is His name.

Make this year to be a year of serving the Lord of Hosts. Spend time each day reading the revelation of God. The Bible is the only guide you will find that brings happiness, meaning and contentment. Pray to the Lord of Hosts each day trusting in His power and might to fill your life. Guide your family in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake. Teach your children to love God. Show them that love. Make this new year a time of service to others. When you make your resolutions, begin with God and His word; then others; then yourself. You will find at the end of this year a greater fulfillment and peace than you have ever known. Now is the day of salvation. The Lord of Hosts is His name.

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