Why Do We Sin Against A Forgiving Father?


If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 1:9)

Why Do We Sin Against A Forgiving Father?

The stain of sin is a dark reminder of how feeble we are and loathsome the act of rebelling against God. Sin is not just a mistake. It is a rejection of the grace of a loving God. He provides everything we need for happiness and we turn away in sin. Through His love, we are granted the gift of Jesus Christ without any merit on our part. He died on a cross paying a terrible price for one thing and one thing alone: my sin. Jesus was God but did not consider His place in Heaven important compared to the need of saving man from the penalty of sin. When I sin, I am reminded again the price Jesus paid and the reason He came to earth. The Father gave up His only begotten Son to redeem me from the pit of darkness. There is no answer apart from the mercy of a forgiving Father. With all the sacrifice and love on God’s part and the incredible willingness to take away our sins, we still fail Him.

Our Father is faithful. We are not. He is just. We are not. He is willing to cleanse us when we defile ourselves with sin – again. The depravity of sin reminds us how incredibly loving our forgiving Father expresses His love toward us. This is not a hall pass. Forgiveness comes from a heart broken by the realty that once again we have thumbed our noses in the face of God and followed our own path of lust and pride. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life have blinded our eyes to the glory of God. Sin comes when we do what we know we should not do – and yet we do it anyway. Satan attacks with a constant barrage in unceasing reminders that we can be our own gods. He viciously prods us with his fiery darts of lies and we fall victim to his wiles. How can we turn our backs on a God who loves us without measure and is willing to forgive our sins? Sin has an incredible way of reminding us why it cost the Son of God His life.

There are no words that man can say that will fully express the thanksgiving for the grace of God. If we confess our sins, our Father tells us He is faithful through all generations to forgive us. His justice will measure out mercy removing the sin from our lives. The ugly stain of sin will be cleansed from our lives and we can stand redeemed before the Father again. Why does this happen time and time again is the mystery of the Father. His love is so great it is without understanding. Every time we sin should remind us why we should not sin. Beyond the vale of this world, a promise of eternal life waits for the people of God. And the Father would promise this to people who will sin and beg forgiveness. Remarkable. How deep the Father’s love for me. How vast beyond all measure.

God’s love for us is a mystery and a joy, balanced by the mystery and sorrow of our coldness toward Him. (James J. Daly, The Road to Peace, 1936)

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