My Bible

file-nov-09-9-13-16-amThe law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple; the statutes of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes; the fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them Your servant is warned, and in keeping them there is great reward. (Psalm 19:7-11)

My Bible

The election is over. In one of the most contested political races of our time, America has come through a tempest of unparalleled proportions as the partisan agendas of two opposing parties fought a long and bitter battle to gain the presidency. Regardless of who won, the realities of a new day bring a reminder that life continues in the face of national turmoil. By the grace of God the sun rises from the east and through His power our days will be filled with the daily pursuit of life. As I entered my office this early morning pondering the impact of a newly elected president, lying upon my desk was my Bible. A black cover binding the golden edged pages of the word of God is where it is each morning waiting the cover to be broken and the wisdom of eternity to be mined. Each morning I open the book and spend a few hours gleaning a message for the day, a thought for a moment and a lesson for my life. My Bible is always there waiting. The words are always fresh. New teachings are simmering on the surface. Some new thing is discovered with a little gentle persuasion. Words are assembled and crafted in a simple manner to make a sentence and a paragraph and hopefully a lesson. It is my Bible that is always on my desk waiting for me.

The past year has been a flurry of political intrigue filling every part of the conversation of life. There is an immense sense of relief the year of electing another president is over. This one especially. It is great to be an American but this has not been a stellar year for the American spirit. Through all of the anguish of fear and doubt, my Bible has remained constant waiting for me each day on my desk. This morning was no different than any morning with the exception that I was really glad to see my Bible this morning. A constant friend and an abiding companion, my Bible is a refreshing breath of real hope filling my mind – not with the putridity of human waste – but the glory of God and His love. Rising above the debauchery of a world filled with prejudice and hatred, the oasis of the mind of God brings relief and soothes the soul.

Reading the law of the Lord changes the soul. His testimonies are solid ground enabling me to stand with the reassurance of the wisdom of God. There is joy in my heart as I fill my heart with the decrees of the Almighty. Seeing the world through the commandments of the Lord brings purity. Cleansed from the fear of men the word of God fills me with the enduring reverend fear of the Lord. What I find in my Bible are judgments that are true and righteous because they come from my God who is truth and righteousness. There is nothing in life more precious than time with my Bible. Gold perishes, honey wastes away but my Bible remains a constant reminder of the everlasting presence of God. There is nothing more precious and nothing sweeter than spending time with the words of my eternal Father.

The day after an election is always a day of reflection. It is then we realize that life is not about the here and now as each day comes and goes by the mercy of God. We may have thought the world would end on that second Tuesday of November. It could have but only because the will of God decreed the coming of the Son of Man. By His grace, we are allowed a new day. It is in this small frame of time we should renew our devotion to God – not to the whims of men – but devote ourselves more fully to what so many of us have at our disposal. Where is your Bible? How often do we glean its pages? One thing we should have learned this past year is how much more we need to open the word of God and spend time in His presence. His word is unchanging. It is still perfect, sure, right, pure, enduring, true and righteous altogether. Keeping the word of God brings great reward. Open your Bible. Read.

Give me the Bible, star of gladness gleaming; to cheer the wanderer lone and tempest tossed. No storm can hide that radiance peaceful beaming; since Jesus came to seek and save the lost. (Priscilla J. Owens, 1883)

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