Remember One Thing This Week

mountain-hd-wallpapers-1Praise the Lord! Praise the name of the Lord; praise Him, O you servants of the Lord! You who stand in the house of the Lord, in the courts of the house of our God, praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; sing praises to His name, for it is pleasant. For the Lord has chosen Jacob for Himself, Israel for His special treasure. For I know that the Lord is great, and our Lord is above all gods. Whatever the Lord pleases He does, in heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deep places. He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth; He makes lightning for the rain; He brings the wind out of His treasuries. He destroyed the firstborn of Egypt, both of man and beast. He sent signs and wonders into the midst of you, O Egypt, upon Pharaoh and all his servants. He defeated many nations and slew mighty kings–Sihon king of the Amorites, Og king of Bashan, and all the kingdoms of Canaan–and gave their land as a heritage, a heritage to Israel His people. Your name, O Lord, endures forever, Your fame, O Lord, throughout all generations. (Psalm 135:1-13)

Remember One Thing This Week

We stand on the brink of a historic moment in the history of the land we call America. What will happen this week is a reminder of the power of a democratic process fraught with uncertainty, distrust, failure, freedom, anticipation and fear. The hearts of citizens are at a frenzied level of excitement for the outcome to be in their favor. A choice will be made and a decision rendered. Lives will change. A movement will begin in a new direction. Leadership will be recreated. What will go unnoticed is the rising of the sun like it has for ions of generations. Birds will fill the sky with no concerns of the human race. The waves will beat upon the shore in rhythmic patterns and the mountains will glow with the morning dew. Far above all the din of the world’s turmoil rules the One who remains in control allowing humanity to continue on its collision course with destiny.

Wednesday morning will not be unlike the day before. Life will continue as it has and the world will change on the surface but God still rules as He has from the beginning of time. In the beginning the Lord created all the world and set things in motion. He placed man upon the earth and reminded him allegiance must be given to the Creator. More often than not man forgot and believed he was his own god. Kings, rulers, Pharaoh’s and tyrants rose to power and the Lord God exercised His power over each one. The Lord is above all gods and rulers. By His hand the vapors of the earth ascend, the lightning fills the rain and the wind blows by the majesty of His will. He brought low the Pharaoh of Moses’ day in spectacular examples of His power. Throughout history, the hand of God has ruled over every nation defeating their armies and tearing down despots who believe they are gods. Nations rise and nations fall and the Lord God rules.

There is one thing that must be remembered this week above all things. The name of the Lord will endure and His fame will be acknowledged in every generation. He judges the nations and will care for His people regardless of what happens this week. That will not change. The people of God have a calm assurance knowing that the Father remains faithful in every storm of man’s pitiful attempt to make themselves gods. Praise the Lord this week. Let this day of worship be a reminder of who rules the affairs of man. Praise the name of the Lord; praise Him, O you servants of the Lord.

We are too aware of the “men” in our text and not aware enough of our Father. Our sole business is to glorify Him and so let out light shine that others will glorify Him too. (Vance Havner; 1901-1986)

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