He Is Timeless

timeSo teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom … for a thousand years in Your sight are like yesterday when it is past, and like a watch in the night. (Psalm 90:12 & 4)

He Is Timeless

Birthdays are enjoyable for many reasons. As a child, you anxiously look with expecting eyes at mom and dad’s gifts or grandparent surprises. In older age, you laugh at the prank gifts that make you smile deep inside. No matter the age, days are numbered and another year begins. We are measured by our age. Youth is defined by a set of numbers, adulthood framed in the expansive years of life and old age described by the number of years lived. Two things are found on the tombstone of our life: a name and dates indicating age. The first number is the year of our birth and the last number is the years lived on mortal earth. A simple dash represents all the time of our life. How appropriate. The symbol of a dash is a small mark of no particular beauty. It has no creativity, no design, no fanciful character but it represents every moment of our life. It has a beginning and it has an end.

Moses writes that wisdom is found in understanding the number of days lived. He impresses upon the mind that life is about days, weeks, months and years. All men have a beginning day and there will come a day of death. Numbering the days of our lives is not knowing how old we are but to reflect upon the fact that our days are numbered. There is a limitation to life. While he lived to be one-hundred-twenty years and possessed the vigor of unabated strength at death, Moses knew that life was like a mist passing quickly through time. His death was written millennia’s ago but the words are still true. Knowledge is found in the birthdays of our lives. The man of God implores his heavenly Father to teach him the meaning of life and how frail everything about life is filled with transient memories.

The Father is not like His children. As creations of the hand of God, we number our days but He does not. A thousand years mean nothing to the Lord. Time for man is governed by the seasons and revolutions of the heavenly bodies and the Lord God dwells above all time possessing eternity without beginning and without end. Age is the curse of sin as we grow apart from the tree of life marching closer to death. Our Father created the tree of life and He took it away. His power is unmatched. There is no comparison to a creature that numbers but few days with the unlimited existence of the Almighty God. The same Lord Moses knew is the same Lord we know today. Have we forgotten the same exact sun we see today is the same exact sun Moses looked at in his life and yet the Father God dwells above all creation? He is timeless.

Wisdom will find a place in our heart when we realize how big is the ocean of God’s existence and how small our boat. We are finite and He is infinite. Our lives are spent in time and He is timeless. We have a beginning with no end but He has no beginning without an end. Death is not our final song as we live in eternity. How is this possible? We celebrate the day of birth each year with happiness when the day of our death is a greater birth. Dying in the Lord begins the eternal joy of living in the presence of the Father. Made in the image of God we possess the seed of His almighty power allowing us to share in His glory. What a joy that will be. Numbering our days profits a little. Seeing the days of our lives in eternal glory is wisdom.

What is this world? A dream within a dream – as we grow older each step is an awakening. The grave the last sleep? No, it is the last and final awakening. (Walter Scott; 1771-1832; Journal)

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