In God We No Longer Trust

without GodIn those days, there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes. (Judges 21:25)

In God We No Longer Trust

The laws of nature are absolute. Gravity is a law established in creation that will never change. Man can defy gravity but only for a short time. Time is a law that man cannot change. Days, weeks and months are governed by the sun, moon and stars. Man can push the clock forward or backward but in reality days remain and seasons continue from the establishment of the Creator. Life and death are the same as they have been since Adam and Eve were formed. All men come into the world in the same manner and all men leave the world in the same fashion. Life begins in the womb and death takes away the breath of life. These are constants. The habitation of man is established and he can never go beyond those borders. God ordained these laws to remain unchanged and His word is firmly established in every generation.

It is easy to see how the laws of nature are governed by a precise order of law. What is lost in all the evidence of a powerful Creator’s hand is the law of morality that is also an absolute law. The rising of the sun every day testifies to the power of God that applies to every generation. Gazing upon the moon at night is the same picture that Adam beheld when he scanned the dark night of Eden. What this shows to man is that God’s divine will has established the earth in an order of absolutes. The law of God has changed over time but the basis for the will of God remains without variation. There is always consequence when man decides to live without God. The closing message of the book of Judges shows the calamity of man without truth. When there is no king, man does what he wants to do and this is true when man tries to live without God.

Truth is absolute because it was established in creation. The only happiness man will find is when he follows the will of the Creator. History has shown repeatedly that when man is without a king to guide his life, chaos ensues and he destroys himself. The greatest tragedy of man is he never learns from his history. Generations long ago learned what it meant to reject God and live for themselves: disaster. Modern man is eager to live without God and find his own way. The model of man’s foolishness is repeated – without God, man does what he wants to do. A moral law of righteousness is rejected for a carnal law of immorality that brings nothing but heartache.

It is astonishing to read the headlines of modern man and wonder what has gone wrong. Anger, hatred and prejudice swirl in deep whirlpools of society destroying itself. Homosexuality in every ugly form permeates the accepted norm of life. Political rhetoric is the foulest it has been in generations. All of the glories of man are paraded before the world as a people gone mad seeking fulfillment without God. Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. The national motto has changed to “In God we no longer trust.” Is it any surprise we are in the state we are in?

A new generation will arise one day. It will reclaim the spirit of seeking the Lord. There will be a revival of divine truth as lives crushed by the failure of man to find happiness dig themselves out of the abyss of immorality. The great experiment fails again. Man is shown to be the fool he is without God. All the while, the book of Judges concludes with the same warning of what man is like without a king.

There is only one explanation for the moral mess we are in worldwide – and it is the worse we have been in since Adam and Eve ate us out of house and home in the Garden of Eden. The cause of the trouble is that we have made void the law of God. (Vance Havner; 1901-1986)

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