God Remembers His Covenant

anvil (1)He is the Lord our God; His judgments are in all the earth. He remembers His covenant forever, the word which He commanded, for a thousand generations. (Psalm 105:7-8)

God Remembers His Covenant

David was a man of deep conviction. He saw the power of God in the history of the nation of Israel as the testimony to the sacred word of the Lord. Worship to the shepherd king was joyful because whatever the word of God declared would come to pass. Unlike the words of man, when the Lord made a covenant it would not fail. It did not matter how long ago God made a covenant; He would uphold His righteousness by every word professed in the promise. When David delivered this psalm to Asaph, Abraham had been dead for many generations. The glory of God’s word is that David knew the promises made so long ago were still true and remained unchanged. There were no deviations, updates, rewriting of the covenant – it was the pure word of God unchanged. He is Lord because His word is established in heaven.

In the Garden of Eden God made a covenant to send His only begotten Son as sacrifice for the sin of man. Thousands of years later Jesus Christ came to earth. Promise kept. The life of Jesus was two thousand years ago. His promises remain the same. The Lord God who created the earth has kept His promise even to this year you and I live in. How can man compare to the eternal faithfulness of the Father? The covenant God has with the earth remains until this day. Following the flood, the Lord established a covenant of seasons where there will always be seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night. This has not changed. Every time a rainbow appears, the covenant of God is affirmed and acknowledged. His word is truth.

What has the Lord said that He will not carry out? His word promises forgiveness. This word is true. He promises that if we repent and change our lives He will remove our sins as far as the east is from the west. That word is the covenant of truth. If we obey the will of the Lord in obedience to Christ, our sins will be washed away – every one of them. His word is true. The mercy of God is a covenant of grace that remains unchanged. In faith we come to God and through baptism the Lord promises to take away all of our sins that we may rise clean and pure. His word is true.

The promise of heaven is made to the children of God. Why do we live each day doubting the power of God to save us from our sins? He has made a covenant with His children that when we live within the arms of His love we can stand before Him in joy. There is a crown with our name on it. A place is reserved in heaven for us. This is what He has promised the faithful. His word is true. David lived each day in the confidence the God he served was the Lord of covenant keeping. Our worship daily should be the praise of God’s grace allowing us to be part of His kingdom. His word is true and everlasting. Never doubt the word of the Lord. It is impossible for God to lie. On that confidence we may rest our hope on the saving grace of Jesus Christ. His word is true.

No matter what the human intermediaries may be, it is the living and person word of God which presents the truths of faith to the soul until the end of time. (Jean Mouroux, I Believe, 1960)

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