Trusting In The Lord

Nahum-1-7-1The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble; and He knows those who trust in Him. (Nahum 1:7)

Trusting In The Lord

The mind of God is so huge it boggles the spirit of man to consider how great the Father is and how small we are. Literally, there is no comparison. Not even close. The greatest achievement of man is an oblivion of microscopic nothingness when the greatness of God is laid alongside the knowledge of the wisest of men. So why do we continue to rely upon our own power to solve matters of life? The oldest person I have ever known lived to be 106 but the Father is older than light. He dwells in eternity, which is without beginning and end (as if anyone really understands what that means). The Lord has a name for every star. His hand is so large it holds the universe easily within His grasp. He spoke and the world formed. His knowledge is so vast He knows everything about every person filling this six billion person rock three doors from the sun. He remembers what every man, woman and child has said and done for the last thousands of years since Adam and Eve first walked along the banks of the Pishon, Gihon, Hiddekel and Euphrates rivers. The list goes on and on. Question: why don’t we trust the Lord?

God is good. He is really, really good. All of creation screams His glory of how good He is. Nothing the Lord has done from the beginning of time has ever been without goodness. He does good things because He is the meaning of good. Throughout the Bible story, He has painted a portrait of goodness to those who love Him. Nothing has been withheld. His blessings are in multitudes of this goodness and that goodness and everyone who received His kindness never deserved it. Take a deep breath and thank God He is good. Look around the world, see the wonders of creation, and thank God He is so very good. Ponder the heavens on a star filled night and know how good the Lord really, really is.

God is a stronghold in the troubles we face. Life can be hard. It can be difficult without many answers. The limitations of man’s knowledge grasps at the wisp of his inability to know from one generation to the next. The Father is a place of security that even Satan himself cannot breach. Trusting in the Lord is the confidence that dwelling in the city of God protects us from all harm. The battering rams of doubt, despair and uncertainty do not penetrate our lives because we rest our hope on the solid rock of our heavenly Father. What will happen on the morrow is left to the marrow of God’s wisdom because He is already there. Trusting the Lord is leaving the matters of life in His big, wide and wonderful hands. There is nothing to worry about and nothing to be anxious for.

He knows those who trust in Him. What an exciting thought to know that God knows my name. Of all the people who have ever lived and live today the Lord God Creator knows who I am. When we trust fully in His love, He knows who we are. Giving our lives wholly to His will, He blesses us personally with His presence, His wisdom, His spirit and His incredible mercy. It’s personal. God knows those who trust in Him.

Father, thank you for being so good, so strong and so loving.

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