Stop At RxR Crossings

rxrAbstain from every form of evil. (1 Thessalonians 5:22)

Stop At RxR Crossings

Fuel trucks have warning labels notifying other drivers the vehicle will stop at every railroad crossing. As the truck approaches a railroad crossing, it comes to a complete stop although there is no train on the track. There are no warning lights or bells ringing to suggest any danger. The driver will be cautious for a moment before proceeding through the crossing. No matter how many crossings the driver will compass during the day the truck will stop at every crossing. The danger is real. Propane is highly volatile. Fuel trucks are moving bombs that if ignited could blow up whole blocks of property. Lives can be lost if caution is not exercised. Smart drivers will follow the rules at stop at all rail crossings.

Paul’s admonition to abstain from every form of evil is like warnings signs to stop at the hint of danger. The rail crossing seems empty and although the warning signals are not activated at the crossing, the danger remains. Taking extreme caution in the case of extreme danger is a wise course of action. Sin is more volatile than propane. When we go through life ignoring the warning signs – danger waits. It may look like the crossing is clear but a fully loaded freight train of grief and sorrow is bearing down on us. Stop, look and listen – valuable words to make sure sin does not overcome us.

The apostle is not merely warning to stay away from sin but his exhortation is to stay away from forms of evil. Appearances of evil usually shadow the reality of evil. When a driver of a fuel truck sees rail tracks in the road ahead, he knows the possibility of danger exists. Everything may look clear but a smart driver will not take unneeded chances. Sin is everywhere and often we find ourselves entangled by its web because we ignore the warning signs. The tracks of sin lay across the road but we do not see any danger. Without warning, Satan bursts upon the scene driving a locomotive of trouble and slams into our lives. If we had taken a moment and stopped to consider the trouble before us – the devil would not have wrecked our lives.

I learned a valuable lesson when I followed behind the propane truck. My life needs to stop at all crossings of sin and take heed. Warning signs abound. We need to have the courage to not allow Satan to bring harm to our lives. Stay away from anything that will cause sin to impact your eternal home. Stay far away. You will be glad you did.

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