The Great Composer

Let-the-Glory-of-God-Dwell-Upon-YouBut now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased. (1 Corinthians 12:18)

The Great Composer

Harmony is the trademark of the Lord God who created all things. There is nothing more amazing than to look upon the work of His hand and see the beauty in His design, His purpose, His perfection and His nature. Creation shouts forth the infinite design of something more than an intelligent designer. The composition of everything God made is far beyond the mind of man; there are no words to fully embrace how perfect the tapestry of His design is. Without the perfect design of the creative world, there would be chaos. If the moon was further away from the earth or too close there would be constant calamity. Such is true of the sun. The cycle of climate patterns over the face of the earth are examples of perfection. Often we cannot understand why things happen but allowing the process of nature to follow its created path the beauty of God shines forth.

The human body is a marvel of inestimable perfected design. The greatest minds of man do not understand so many things about the body. Science is constantly trying to keep up with the knowledge of how and why the body reacts as it does. Paul uses the body as an example of God’s perfect design. One body has so many parts working together for the good of the whole body. No part is unimportant. Every part is vital to the function of the other parts. Perfection is the design of the Father. How many times does the heart beat in a lifetime? Can we count the number of times the eyes blink, the fingers move, the process of living exhausts itself over the span of a man’s life? Man cannot duplicate the creation of the body because its design is from the mind of God alone.

Following the perfected design of the body the apostle Paul shows how beautiful the church of the Father is. The human body is a perfect design. The church of Christ is a perfect design. Anything that man creates to duplicate the human body is a robot – artificial, without life and so much less than the true pattern. Every church created by man is a spiritual robot, an artificial creation without the life of the Father. There is no beauty or harmony. When men follow the pattern of the New Testament alone they will find the true church of God. Following a church that cannot show its ‘DNA’ from the Holy Word of God is a crude machine that will fail. The Bible is perfect. Changing the message of truth by adding or taking away invites eternal disaster.

God is the eternal composer. He composes the body as He pleases because what He pleases is perfect. Anything less will fail. This is true in nature, in the design of the body and in the plan of salvation. There is one earth and no other. There is one human body and no other design can perfect it. There is one church and nothing man creates will change that. There is one way to eternal life and that is by the one truth, the one way and the one life – Jesus Christ. You have one choice. That is the way the Great Composer of this world has designed it.

We could enjoy the story of creation if we were sure it were not true … faced with the fact that the story of creation is true, that God did indeed so call everything from nothingness, we are caught up breathless, almost incapable of protest. (Walter Farrell, My Way of Life, 1952)

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