Knowledge Is Power

b_study1Whoever loves instruction loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid. (Proverbs 12:1)

Knowledge Is Power

The proverbs of the Lord can be plain and blunt. A simple rule of life can be found in twelve words. Heeding the advice of the proverb declares the message of the proverb. God’s word has always been matters of instruction giving man the knowledge to be wise or unwise. The apostle John wrote that God’s laws are not burdensome. When have the instructions of the Lord been hard to understand? It is not the law of God that is the problem; it is the heart of man that rejects the plain instructions of the Creator.

A man who loves instruction has an open heart to receive whatever the Lord tells him. Reading the Bible is comforting yet afflicting. Like a mirror the image of man is found on the pages of God’s word showing his glory as he is made in the image of the Divine. When a man spends time in the word of God he also sees his failures and needs to change. It is easy to see the good parts but when a man realizes his nature before a just God his heart can turn away from the word and that is unwise. To love knowledge is a desire to make changes in life according to the will of God. Turning away from the instructions of the Lord is stupid. The meaning is that man is (as the saying goes) as dumb as an ox. A brute beast is exactly that: brute. There is no thinking to this kind of animal. Rejecting the teaching of the Lord is stupid because man can find no other way to understand who he is apart from his Creator.

Man was created for the glory of God. The Lord has given man His will and desires for man to read, understand and obey. Showing the greatest love for man Jesus died on the cross to save man. The majority of people view the Bible with disdain. Their only salvation is right in front of them and they have no interest in what it says. How dumb to be drowning with a life boat in front of you. If a man were dying of a terrible disease and the cure was in a bottle next to his bed why would he stubbornly reject its healing power? That is stupid – unwise – foolish. Every day thousands of people die with no hope and no peace and the answer to their eternal dilemma is the word of God. Loving instruction is a heart willing to change whatever needs to be changed because the Lord knows what we need. To reject the plain teaching of the Bible is just stupid.

Other books were given for our information; the Bible was given for our transformation. (Anonymous)

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