Riches Will Not Give You A Good Night’s Sleep

dailydevotion_1Wednesday Morning Meditation – Psalms & Wisdom Literature

The sleep of a laboring man is sweet, whether he eats little or much; but the abundance of the rich will not permit him to sleep. (Ecclesiastes 5:12)

Riches Will Not Give You A Good Night’s Sleep

Money has a terrible side effect. It will buy you a bed made of gold with satin sheets but it will not buy you sleep. The greed of man will drive him to gain riches of great wealth never seeing what is lost in the abundance of his common life. There is an irony when the heart fills with covetousness the anxiety increases fear. Take a man who works hard each day at an honest job. He rises in the morning and works a good day of hard labor. Returning home in the evening he enjoys the frugal blessings of home, hearth and happiness. Sleep is pleasant as he lays his head down because the riches of life do not make him worry. His sleep is deep and his worries few.

A rich man does not have that kind of sleep. Wealth brings fear as doors must be locked securely, alarms put in all windows, fences erected to keep out unsavory characters. Friends the rich man never knew he had pursue him with requests for money. Everyone begs him for a portion of his life. There can be little peace. When his life is centered on the riches he must work hard to keep the riches. He worries over the stocks and bonds and investments. Life for the rich man is filled with sleepless nights worrying over his money. Down the street the laboring man is sound asleep. He is content with what he has.

Trust is the center of our character. What we put our trust in and whom we invest our faith will give us happiness or grief. A rich man can find sleep when he trusts in the Lord. Believing that happiness will come from a lottery of untold wealth is foolishness. It will not give one the sleep he once enjoyed with little care for the affairs of this life. His friends are genuine and true. Content with what he has a man lives a quiet and peaceful life enjoying family. Money cannot buy these things. In fact money will take many of these things away. The curse of riches has destroyed families, marriages, morals – and souls. And yet men run head long after the appeal of chance to win millions of dollars in a lottery of misery.

Sleep is one of the great blessings of life. It refreshes the spirit renewing the body. Enjoy the contentment of a hard day’s labor, a quiet meal with family and the nights rest from the cares of life. Awakening the next morning brings a simple day with fewer worries than the man down the street consumed by money. How sad men waste their lives for a piece of paper.

The love of money has been in all ages, one of the passions that have given great disturbances to the tranquility of the world. (Samuel Johnson, rambler, October 6, 1750)

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