Try God

dailydevotion_1Wednesday Morning Meditation – Psalms & Wisdom Literature

The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and have done abominable iniquity; there is none who does good. God looks down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there are any who understand, who seek God. Every one of them has turned aside; they have together become corrupt; there is none who does good, no, not one. Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge, who eat up my people as they eat bread, and do not call upon God? There they are in great fear where no fear was, for God has scattered the bones of him who encamps against you; You have put them to shame, because God has despised them. Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion! When God brings back the captivity of His people, let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad. (To the Chief Musician. Set to “Mahalath.” A Contemplation of David. Psalm 53)

Try God

Bumper stickers can say a lot in few words. The back of the van had a small sticker that simply read, “Try God.” There seems to be an appeal to draw a person to seek the Lord for the answers to life but the petition was faulty. It does suggest a need to turn to God for help but limits the response to something one should try without committing. Buying a new car involves trying different models to find one that suits the needs and desires of the owner. Trying out new foods is experimental rejecting tastes that are displeasing. Going to the store to try on clothes is shopping for a bargain. God cannot be bought like a car or tried as an experiment. When someone tries God like shopping for clothes they will never find anything that will fit because the Lord is so great and we are so small.

The truth of it is the way that most people approach God is to try Him first and then decide. God is not someone who asks man to try Him. There is only one choice. There is only one way. There is only one hope. Anything less than full commitment denies the existence of God. Jesus did not suggest for man to come to Him and take Him for a test drive. Salvation is not a choice man has based upon the whims of man’s carnal desires. When the Lord gave commands to Israel at Mt. Sinai He began with the no choice clause: there will be no other Gods – period. Throughout the Law of Moses God affirmed His presence by telling the people the reason for their obedience was because HE WAS THE LORD! He declares the same today. He is still Lord.

The little bumper sticker does define a generation. Trying God becomes a way in which man molds God into his own image. The Lord has been changed to appeal to the masses like a tooth-paste commercial. “Try God” is when modern religion dresses the Holy God in garbs of worldliness, entertainment, philosophy and fleshly appeal. There are many religious today but few are following the real God of scripture. Man has made God into his own totem where God looks like the tickled ears of man’s creation. The fool can deny God by recreating the image of the Father into the image of the creation.

Try God and you will fail. Obey God and you will be saved. There is no choice.

We have lost the sense of God in the nation, in the churches, in our lives. The biggest business of the hour is to draw nigh to God that He may draw nigh to us. His presence with us is too often an assumption in our heads instead of an awareness in our hearts. (Vance Havner, 1901-1986)

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