Tuesday Morning Early Start – For His Glory

dailydevotion_1Tuesday Morning Early Start – Important Doctrines

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. (1 Corinthians 10:31)

For His Glory

There is one maxim of which no Christian must lose sight. Everything we do – all our words – where we go – how we dress – our manner of behavior on the job – our role as a husband or wife, father or mother – the example we live in the community – our lives should be for the glory of God alone. Nothing is more important than the reason we pattern our character after the character of God. With an old year passing away and a new year coming we look for ways to measure our resolve to make the change of year to be productive. Nothing is more important that doing what we do to the glory of God. If you want to advance in your profession model your life after the word of God. Learning to be a better husband or wife should come from a meditation of the principles outlined by the one who established the home. Parents struggle with the training of children but will find the necessary answers in the Bible.

We must never forget the reason the Lord gave us the Bible. It is a guide to help us in our character building. From the beginning of time He has always desired for man to trust Him and love Him enough to live for His glory alone. When man seeks his own glory disaster awaits. Lives have been ruined and lost because the glory has been misplaced. Doing all things for the glory of God is a simple idea that life is built upon the need to ask, “What does God think of this?” Choosing an occupation should come from prayer asking how it will give glory to the Lord. Deciding to marry is not based on a physical appeal alone but a spiritual union with God to show glory in our marriage. Learning to curb my anger is learning to live with the glory of righteousness. Removing the temptation of sin through what I find on the internet or see on television is filling the mind with the glory of God.

The personality of the child of God is the character of holiness. His glory is revealed in me by who I am and what I am. What the world needs to see is Him living in my life by the way I dress, the manner of speech and my attitude. As I begin this day I begin with the promise that today I will live in such a way that God will be glorified. When the new year dawns I will resolve to form my life into the image of Jesus Christ so that my life will be for the glory of the Father. One day when this mortal clay is returned to the dust from whence it came then will the glory of God will be revealed in the resurrection of eternal life. And that will be some kind of glory. Got plans for the day? Live for the glory of God.

For every civilization or every period in history it is true today: show me what kind of God you have and I will tell you what kind of humanity you possess. (Emil Brunner, Man in Revolt, 1939)

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