Sunday Morning Starters – Worship: Steadfast Love And Truth

DailyDevotion_1Sunday Morning Starters – Worship

I will worship toward Your holy temple, and praise Your name For Your loving-kindness and Your truth; for You have magnified Your word above all Your name. (Psalms 138:2)

Worship: Steadfast Love And Truth

David was a man who loved to worship God. His heart saw the glory of God in everything around him. As a shepherd he praised the Lord for his provision and care. Facing uncertainty against many enemies the king pledged his life to the Almighty. Worship was a blessing David could never have enough of. He loved to honor the loving-kindness and the truth he found in the providence of his heavenly Father.

The temple in Jerusalem was not built when David penned this psalm but he understood the glory of worship as he entered the heavenly temple in the presence of God. Worship was a joy beyond measure. He sang of the steadfast love of God and how often in his life he could see God threading His love toward him. Truth abounded in everything David did because he trusted in the promises of God. The word of God was the constant companion in David’s life because it was true. Worship was such a joy for him.

Today we assemble with our brothers and sisters in Christ to praise the Lord for His steadfast love and truth. We stand on the fulfilled side of the cross to see the redemption through the blood of Jesus. Can we worship any less than David? The loving-kindness of God is found in the giving of His Son; the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross; the power of the resurrection – the name of God should be constant on our lips today. We worship the Truth today! Our praise in worship should fill our hearts with the glory of God. It is not enough just to ‘go to church’ – rather we are melding our lives together with fellow saints to acknowledge how great and awesome our God is! When you dress for services dress your heart with the thanksgiving of God’s love. Driving to that place of worship should cause us to reflect on how we have been moved by the Spirit of God to praise Him. Joining with our family of God we should embrace the tender love of His truth to save me.

Thank you God for sparing my life. Thank you God for giving me life. Thank you God because your word is truth and has always been truth and will always be truth. Today I will magnify your name above all names.

What debilitates our prayer life … is our presupposition that the pressures of life are on one side while God is on some other side. (George Macleod, Only One Way Left, 1956)

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