Monday Morning Coffee Break – Living For Jesus

DailyDevotion_1Monday Morning Coffee Break – Life With Jesus

For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus’ sake, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh. (2 Corinthians 4:11)

Living For Jesus

Each Monday we have been spending time looking at the life of Jesus. The purpose in this examination is to learn how to live ourselves. Jesus is our example and He has left his footprints in our lives to follow after Him. No life can find happiness unless those steps are measured by the manner of life found in Jesus Christ. The Lord said He was the “Life” signifying that if man is to find the purpose of his being it must be in the true life.

When we compare the life of Jesus to our lives we immediately assume the impossible. We cannot live as He lived without sin. But He did not leave us His example to intimidate us to non-action but rather His life is a pattern we should follow to keep us from sin. He suffered in the flesh as we suffer in the flesh. His life was spent in the same aches and pains as we experience. As a child and then as a young man His life was not uncharacteristic of all boys. When He grew to manhood the world pressed hard upon Him as it does all men. During His ministry the temptations of the flesh swirled around Him. The devil sought to destroy the Lord through the pride of life. Daily the pressures of the lust of the eye paraded in His presence. But the life of Jesus was guided by the love and will of His Father. Can we do any less?

As we study the life of Jesus believe that we can put that in our lives to walk like He walked. Our Father has not given us an impossible task but rather a journey that has already been prepared for our lives to follow. That journey is protected by our Lord to help us over the difficult times of life. We can be victorious because He was victorious. We can overcome because He overcame. Our dying words can be “it is finished” because He prepared the way for redemption. The greatest story in the life of Jesus is the new life He gained in resurrection. When we mold our lives to the life of Jesus we will experience the resurrection.

Today is Monday and Monday is a good day because we are living for Jesus today. As the week unfolds find those nuggets of Jesus’ life that will help you be a better person at work, school, in the home, community and work of the church. Pick out a story in the life of Jesus and live with it each day. Let the life of Jesus shine in your heart.

Our Lord is Bread of Life. His proportions are perfect. There never was too much or too little of anything about Him. Feed on Him for a well-balanced ration. All the vitamins and calories are there. (Vance Havner)

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