Saturday Morning Promises – Believing In The Impossible

DailyDevotion_1Saturday Morning Promises – Great Stories

When He had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him. And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.” Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed. (Matthew 8:1-3)

Believing In The Impossible

This is a great story because it tells about a man who had the sentence of death upon him and yet he believed in something impossible. Any student of scripture knows that when leprosy takes over a life there is no hope, no promise, no future, and no cure. Jesus used the scourge of leprosy as an example of faith of those who disbelieved in Nazareth. There were a lot of lepers in the time of Elisha but only one was healed.

The man who approached Jesus had some things going on before he met Jesus. He knew his condition was hopeless. Luke tells us he was full of leprosy. How long he had lived under the curse of leprosy is not known. Everyone he knew was cast out from his touch, his presence and his life because of his disease. There was little compassion for lepers. On this day things were going to be different. Maybe he had heard how Jesus had healed others. Regardless he believed in something about what Jesus could do.

What brings a man to look at his hopeless condition and believe anything good could come from it? How can a leper believe that Jesus could remove the stain of the disease? He did not ask Jesus if He could; he implored Jesus that a healing would take place if it was the will of the Lord. This is a great story because a man with no hope found his answer in Jesus Christ. Not only did he find his answer but he found the answer to the impossible.

Now what is there in my life that is so impossible that Jesus cannot take care of? Do we have the faith of a leper to believe in the impossible? It is easy to convince ourselves there is no hope. We can fall victim to the wiles of the devil to deny us the power of God in our lives. As a child of God I have already experienced the impossible – my sins were washed away. But it does not end there. There may be great struggles in my life that seem impossible to overcome. Trust a leper. Believe in a leper. Let him show you the power of faith. Believe not in the possibility but the reality of the Lord’s hand upon you.

The greatest miracle of all time was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through this single act God confirmed His promise to help us out of any situation we find ourselves. If God can raise the dead then He can help me overcome sin, save my marriage, bless me with a place to live and a place to work, defeat Satan, live with peace in my life and go to heaven when I die. Promise. Believe. Trust.

The leper was healed because he believed in the impossible. There is nothing in my life that is impossible. It is not in my vocabulary. I can. I will. I believe. Make today a day of trust. And tomorrow give thanks to God who raised His Son from the dead to make all this possible. Now that is a great story.

Believing God is not religious auto-suggestion. It is not the flesh engaged in positive thinking. It is the Christian, the one in whom Christ lives, taking God at His word. (Vance Havner)

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