Friday Morning Reflections – Epitaph Of Character

DailyDevotion_1Friday Morning Reflections – Wisdom Literature

So Job died, old and full of days. (Job 42:17)

Epitaph of Character

Eight words. A name, an age and a legacy. His name was Job. A righteous man whose life was filled with enormous blessing and colossal suffering. The name of Job is synonymous with the worst that can happen to a man. He had more than most men combined could ever dream of and yet in one day lost it all. To darken the mind of this righteous man his health was brutally destroyed. Friends came to solace him and they become more his enemies that helpers. Mrs. Job suffered along with her husband. Through it all Job struggled. When it was all over, he repented in ashes and dust and the Lord gave him more than he had before.

He lived 140 years beyond the valley of travail. He saw his family through four generations. It is not known how many years he lived but he was old when he died. When he closed his eyes in death is life had been full of days. And what days they were for this man of God.

The object of the book is often viewed as a study of suffering. Job is a story about victory for a man who lived to old age and died full of days. His trust was in God no matter what (and we know a lot about that what). He trusted in God when the days were bright and shiny and he trusted in God when walked in the darkest valley of sorrow. Victory is found in Job because living 140 plus years was still a vapor. He suffered but for a moment until glory came. He endured the unbelievable until death gave him rest. He lived and he died.

His epitaph of character should be mine. Let me live today with the eyes of Job knowing no matter what comes today – good or bad – MY GOD IS WITH ME: The one who comes out of the whirlwind and tells me who He IS! Thanks be to God. Thank you Job for your character. Have a good Friday folks.

Character is not made in a crisis – it is only exhibited. (Unknown)

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