Today Is Monday

clockToday is Monday. The clock needs winding. When my father retired from the phosphate mines in central Florida they gave him a mantel clock with his name on it. It is an eight day clock that requires winding with a chime for each quarter hour and numerical chimes for the top of the hour. One of the jobs on Monday is to wind the clock and to adjust the time. It has a habit of running fast. Sometimes it has a habit of stopping. This came about as a result of the last move where it got a little more movement than it needed. Without the attention given on Monday the clock does not work. When the clock is set in motion it becomes a wonderful song throughout the week of chimes with gentle reminders of the passing of time. Monday’s are great days to wind the clock. This is the second day of the week – not the first! The Lord established seven days in a week in creation. Monday is the day after the Lord’s day (Revelation 1:10) and is a great day of the week. For many it becomes the first day of the work week. This is a day of winding the clock for the rest of the week and setting things in order. Yesterday was a day of worship and praise to God. The first day of the week was spent in joyful remembrance of what Jesus has done for me. Our hearts were guided by the Holy Spirit on the first day of the week as we dug deep in the word of God. Now we get to go out into the world and show them Christ living in us. Monday’s are not bad days because this is the day we get ready for a great week. Empowered with the love of God we set our lives to chime the music of grace, love and forgiveness in a world filled with sadness, despair and hopelessness. We are the music of the chiming bell letting the world see Christ living in us. Refreshed with the worship of the Lord’s day we are energized to go to our jobs as people of God. The companies we work for are blessed to have our spirit in their employ. Our friends will see us living for truth and righteousness. We are heard this week! Today is Monday and we should wind our lives up in the King of Kings and let the world know there are many on the mantel of life that want the world to hear the plea of salvation from the cross of God’s Son. I love Monday’s; don’t you?

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