He Will Never Leave Us


Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say: “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear. What can man do to me?” (Hebrews 13:5-6)

He Will Never Leave Us

Wilson Adams uses this illustration in his book, “Where Is God When I Hurt?” An older couple is driving along when the wife spots a newly married couple in the vehicle ahead. She exclaims, “Look at them, Harold! Would you just look at them?” She continues, “She’s all scrunched up next to him with her head on his shoulder…” She sighs, “Harold, do you remember when we used to do that? I would sit next to you with my head on your shoulder…” She sighs again. “Look at us, Harold. Just look at us! You’re way over there under the steering wheel and I’m way over here next to the door. What happened to us, Harold?” She sighs even more. Harold was a man of few words. Ten miles later he cleared his throat and said, “I never moved.” Covetousness is an uncommon word in our daily language but it is the most common malady in our lives. The problem with covetousness is that it captures the mind and hearts of God’s people to focus more upon the blessings of material wealth than the blessings of spiritual gain. Covetousness is materialism, greed, avariciousness and a longing to obtain relics of futility to hoard for no purpose but to protect, guard, insure and leave behind when we die. Trusting in riches takes the heart away from the Lord believing that security will only be found when self is its own god that will deliver itself in time of need.

Contentment is the antithesis of covetousness. Learning to be content begins with trusting in the grace of God rather than the empty shell of material gain. Man likes to be in control. He drives himself to gain all this stuff on earth as a security blanket but never finds warmth. His life is cold and miserable as he surrounds himself with the trinkets of a material world and at the end of living faces a wasted existence. Trusting in God will bless a man in this life and the life to come because he knows no matter what happens in life – good or bad – God is always there. He does not lie and has kept every promise He has made. Included in those promises is what the Lord promised His people from time beginning that He would never leave them – and He never did. The history of man is that he always leaves God and blames the Lord for all the misery that man has. The psalmist wrote that the Lord is good and is a helper to those who fear Him. Reigning the heart in with the will of God brings joy and happiness when life is not about the here and now and all that stuff we accumulate and hoard. Man leaves the protection of God and suffers because of it.

Learning to be content takes a heart that seeks first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. The rule of the Lord must take precedent in every part of life including the pursuit of worldly gain. There is nothing sinful about riches but the riches of covetousness will darken the heart from God’s love. Without contentment the heart cannot see the blessings of God and enjoy the knowledge the Lord will care for His children. He always has and always will because He never moves from His promises. Drawing closer to God is the great need of men. Learning to trust in the grace of God will bring greater joy and satisfaction than anything man could ever imagine. He is our Helper because He made us and knows what we need. Learning to be content brings the comfort of the Lord. His promises are sure, right and true. Lean on the everlasting arms of the Lord God who cares for His saints that love and fear Him. The closer you get to God the happier you will be.

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1 Response to He Will Never Leave Us

  1. Barbara J. Barnes says:

    So true. For several years my life and focus was not on trusting God. I tried to fill the void with worldly things but it was not good until I was restored to the grace of God in Christ. Happiness is being content and at peace in your relationship with our heavenly Father. Thank you.


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