What Is Your Aim In Life?


Therefore we make it our aim, whether present or absent, to be well pleasing to Him. (2 Corinthians 5:9)

What Is Your Aim In Life?

As a child of God there should be no greater purpose in life than to please the Father in heaven. Nothing compares to the noble character that seeks every day to do and say those things that bring a pleasing smile to the Lord. We always hit what we aim at. An errant shot may miss the target but that is because our aim was misguided. Paul’s admonition reminds us the only thing that should be important is the knowledge that every part of my life is pleasing to the Heavenly Father. That is a tall order. Trying to please our parents was challenging enough but they did not have full knowledge of what we did or did not do on a daily basis. God sees us without fail every minute of every day and we still must strive to please Him. If nothing else this should put our lives in perspective. If our aim is misguided we will not please the Father. Sin will have that impact and has been defined as ‘missing the target.’ The reason we fail to hit the target is because we chose not to. Sin is not an accident. It is a purposeful action drawn from our lusts. Making our aim to please the Father is putting forth the effort to bring our desires under control showing the Lord our faithfulness to Him.

Obedience to the will of God is not because of a spirit of commandment keeping drudgery. My willingness to keep the commandments of the Lord is because I want Him to be pleased with my life. His glory will be seen in my life when I follow the truth of His word. By example others will see the Father living in me and this pleases Him. My aim in life is to speak in a manner that honors God. When the Lord looks down on a population of six billion souls He will know that I am doing the best I can to bring joy to His heart because of my example. Every day is an expression of thanksgiving that God allows me to be His child and I honor that blessing by living in such a manner that pleases Him. He loves to see me open His word and learn more about Him. His love for me is found in His Son and the more I love His Son the more I please Him. The many times I lift up my soul in prayer is like sweet incense to the Father who is pleased His children want to speak to Him. Sharing my life with others in brotherly love is something that brings joy to the heart of God when He sees His children filled with love for one another. Helping others see the truth of salvation pleases the Father because He knows I care for the salvation of another human being.

There are many good things to aspire for in life but none compare to the change that takes place when my aim is to please Him. It brings peace, happiness, joy, contentment and the knowledge of an everlasting hope. Seeking the Lord removes the sorrows of the world with its bitterness. A calm demeanor overshadows the mind in knowing that what I do is something that makes God happy. What greater aspiration can a person have than to live in such a manner that when life is over the Father welcomes him home to live with Him? Pleasing God is preparing for an eternal home. In death the Father says, “Welcome home.” Then we get to see Him face to face and while He is pleased that we dwell with Him – our joy is without end. Make it your aim that whatever you do: be pleasing to God.

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