He Suffers Long


And consider that the longsuffering of our Lord is salvation, as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given to him, has written to you. (2 Peter 3:15)

He Suffers Long

With each passing generation the belief that none can be as wicked fuels speculation of impending doom. Immorality is the norm, wars and rumors of wars pervade the social conscience and the world seems in peril of the promised destruction by the hand of the Lord. Fear grips the soul as the nature of man falls deeper into the pit of self-destruction and the world spirals further away from righteousness and truth. The Lord promised to send His Son with a destruction fire bringing vengeance on those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of Jesus Christ. His plans for the final demise of earth are clearly stated in scripture.

Two thousand years have transpired since the early disciples wrote about the coming of the Lord and yet the earth remains. Generations come and go and the world is intact. Evil has its way in the hearts of men as sexual freedoms explode with greater freedom and the righteous are persecuted into a corner. False religions rule the hearts of men. Wars are fought bringing sorrow, pain and woe. If there was a time the Lord would come, now is that time – or say those who prognosticate the doom of the world. Another generation passes and the affairs of man continue unabated.

One of the greatest measures of God’s grace is His longsuffering. In the eyes of the righteous, there are plenty of reasons the Lord should destroy the world. The problem is that God is not man and men forget how great the mercy of God is shown throughout all generations. There will come a day when the world will come to an end. This is a fact and should never be trifled with. The certainty of the end of the world is in the mind of God and man has no control over that. There will come a day when judgment will come. It will be a remarkable day when the heavens and the earth will melt with fervent heat. Until that time, the patience of God continues to allow man to exist. Is the Lord grieved because of the sin of man? In more ways than we can imagine. But God’s love is shown in His forbearance to put off judgment.

The longsuffering of the Lord is more clearly seen in our own lives. There is coming a day for the world to end but the frailty of man is limited in a very short time. Life is but a vapor and soon cut off. The old must die and the young can die. God’s longsuffering extends His hand of mercy to our lives when we sin and displease the Father. As hard as we struggle why does the Lord continue to forgive us? Will there be a time when the Lord says no more? His longsuffering reminds us of His love. He knows our frame and when we repent and express our sorrow for sin He will forgive. Time and again He will remove our sin as far as the east is from the west. The longsuffering of the Lord is salvation because He loves us so much. Whenever I bow before the Father, my heart should acknowledge the longsuffering of the Almighty leads to His grace granting my soul deliverance from the penalty of sin. Love is expressed in His longsuffering and how great His love. Thank you Holy Father for your incredible grace exhibited in the spirit of Your longsuffering. None deserve the love You give us and grant by Your hand of longsuffering. Lord come quickly.

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