Show Me, Teach Me And Lead Me



Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day. (Psalm 25:4-5)

Show Me, Teach Me And Lead Me

Three-point plans are easy to follow. They are simple, direct and easy to remember. The scriptures abound with these spiritual bullets describing the nature of God, man’s relationship to the Father and how to be pleasing to the Lord. David knew the power of serving his Shepherd experiencing the delivering hand from danger of the bear and lion. The child of God has always learned how great the Father’s love in His deliverance coupled with the knowledge of His word. Faithfulness is not a passive activity but active and vibrant to learn all there is to know about the will of God.

David prayed for the Lord to show him His ways so he would know how to walk. As a shepherd, the son of Jesse would learn much about his God from the universe he witnessed in the sun, moon and stars. The world was abundant with the testimony of the hand of the Lord in creation as he looked upon the valleys, mountains and seas abundant with life. It was a marvel to consider the works of the divine hand in the beauty of the earth. David longed to know the word of God and its power in his life. He desired to possess the knowledge of the Father trusting in His word instead of his own. Knowing the will of God would bring happiness. David hungered and thirst after the wisdom of righteousness and the way of the Lord.

There is something more than seeing the power of creation or hearing the word of God. David’s prayer was to learn how to walk in the paths of truth. He was not a hearer only but one who desired to do what the Lord required. As a student, the man of God sought the Master Teacher to instruct him in His ways. There is a hungry heart willing to follow the word of God alone in David. This desire is tempered by the willing mind to accept the teaching of God without reservations. He would not be like so many who listen to only the parts of God’s law they agree with. David believed that if the Lord said it, he would obey without question. Asking the Lord to teach him was a statement of devoted faith to follow whatever was required of the Lord.

Knowledge is best served when it is kept as a guide in life. First David wanted to see the word of God and then he declared he would obey the will of the Father. He also understood this would become a practice in his life as he prayed for the Lord to lead him by His word. Faith alone cannot save a man but the active evidence of continued obedience to the will of the Father. David committed his life to letting the truth of God lead him and teach him. He knew the only hope of salvation was in God and there was no other. He could not save himself and no man could guide him. His trust was firmly placed in the Father and his daily desire would be the word of the Lord. He waited on the Lord to show him, teach him and guide him.

The psalm of David is a powerful tool for the Christian to learn how to walk pleasing to the Lord. Let our daily prayer be for God to show us His power and His majesty; teaching us the paths of righteousness through a devotion to His word and our willingness to walk daily for the Lord in our life. Show me, teach me and lead me.

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