The House Of The Righteous

PrintIn the house of the righteous there is much treasure, but in the revenue of the wicked is trouble. (Proverbs 15:6)

The House Of The Righteous

There are many similarities of those who seek God and those who do not. In contrast, there is one thing that separates the believer from the unbeliever. The rain falls on the just and the unjust and all men share in the common bounties of life. A man can be wealthy whether he is righteous or not. Living unrighteous does not suggest ill health or poverty as righteousness will not guarantee prosperity. The treasure of the righteous is not unlike the revenue of the wicked. All men can share in the material blessings of the world in a like manner regardless of their spiritual viewpoint. In the Old Testament, the man Job was a wealthy man that feared God with a deep reverence. David met a man named Nabal that was very rich but was a harsh and evil man. Job and Nabal enjoyed the fruits of the world but their characters were different.

The character of the righteous and the wicked is what sets them apart. Whether a righteous man is rich or poor does not change his life. He lives in the contentment of God’s grace knowing the Lord will care for him. There is joy if the bread is few and there is joy if the table is filled with abundance. His eye is not on the quantity of what he possesses for he knows that life does not consist of the things he has. The character of his heart measures life for a man of God because his fulfillment comes from an eternal reward. A wicked man believes that gold will bring him happiness. His life is consumed with building bigger barns to hoard possessions he will never enjoy. The character of the wicked is the trouble of a life filled with empty promises. Seeking after fame, fortune and pleasure, the wicked man is driven to fill his life with all thing things that are temporary. He finds he is never happy. Trouble is the only reward a wicked man finds.

Godliness is profitable for this life because it produces a character of satisfaction. A heart filled with the presence of God will bring joy whether one is rich or poor. There is much treasure in the house of those who love the Lord. Faith guards the door, love fills the rooms and hope shelters the home with the mantle of God’s grace. The house of the wicked in unprotected, empty and void of hope. Riches are measured by character, not possessions.

Humanly speaking, it is only when the hair is white, when … life is almost over, that men begin to realize how hopelessly elusive is the happiness promised by wealth and fame. (Joseph McSorley, Be of Good Heart, 1924)

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