Euodia And Syntyche

quarrelI implore Euodia and I implore Syntyche to be of the same mind in the Lord. (Philippians 4:2)

Euodia And Syntyche

It is difficult to write about something that little is known. Two women are mentioned in the closing of Paul’s letter to Philippi that have no reference in any other passage. By the language of the text, it seems that Euodia and Syntyche have some things to quarrel about and the apostle kindly admonishes them to work things out. These women apparently get the message without any further instructions. We are left to wonder what the problem was. The answer is what is the key to the verse. Whatever problem they had they were not glorifying the Lord by their actions. Paul’s exhortation was to show the mind of Christ toward one another and be at peace. Good advice.

We are not always in agreement with one another and sometimes disputes or arguments arise. Lost in the shuffle of who is going to win out on top is the need to resolve matters with the mind of the Lord. When husbands and wives argue and fuss with one another are they trying to win their position or have they stopped to ask what God wants them to do? Having the mind of Christ is looking out for the interest of the other as Christ did for all men. If a church has a squabble it can end in division because one thing never brought to the meeting table is the word of God. Arguments ensue instead of prayers lifted. Whatever problem Euodia and Syntyche faced, it needed to be resolved with the mind of Christ. Good advice for churches.

There is a strong lesson for all of the children of God to remember that we have the same Father. Sibling rivalry does not please the heavenly Father. How can we be angry with our brother or sister when we both have to come before the same Father and ask forgiveness? Being of the same mind shows our humility to serve the Lord first. Sharing the blood of Christ bonds our lives together with the same love God has for all of us. His will is first. The word of God is first. Our lives in Christ serve the same purpose. Paul was not asking these women to be of the same mind – he was imploring. The glory of God was not being shown by their actions. Only when they came together united in the bond of peace would others see Christ living in them. That is what it is all about. Our position in the argument is no importance. When disagreements come and arguments begin, they should always be tempered by the presence of the mind of Christ. Be of the same mind in the Lord.

There are enough targets to aim at without firing at each other. (Theodore Roosevelt, Address, 1902)

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