The Work Of God

434Consider the work of God; for who can make straight what He has made crooked? (Ecclesiastes 7:13)

The Work Of God

Creation is an incredible testimony to the power of the Creator. Man has been given dominion over the earth ruling over the animals and infused with the knowledge to overcome the elements of nature. He can sail around the world through all the seas, climb the highest mountains, trek across the unforgiving desert and send machines to the bottom of the ocean. Space has been opened up with the technology of modern man revealing parts of the universe never seen by human eye. In all the wisdom of man one constant remains – he cannot change what God has established.

The works of man can only operate within the boundaries of what the Lord has established. Paul on Mars hill declared the habitation of man is settled. The work of God gives man freedom to exist within his limited space but the Creator still rules in all things. Beyond nature, the Lord works in the affairs of men as a wise and righteous judge. Nations have risen throughout history that dominated the world and then fallen to the rubble of the past because of the hand of God. Tyrants ruled for a short time before vanishing away. History is littered with the corpse of man’s wisdom where men have tried to change the course of the world but to no avail. The puny efforts of men to rule the world whether in changing the course of a river or dominating the world through war all come to nothing. God is in charge. He rules alone. The work of God cannot be changed. What the Lord has established man cannot change.

Everything that God does is good. Nature declares His design as perfect. The word of God is perfect showing forth the goodness of His wisdom. In the final analysis men can ridicule the Bible as out of step, old fashioned and worthless but there is no more perfect system of living than what is found in the words of the Lord God Almighty. Creation declares the work of God with every sunrise and man cannot change that. The word of God declares the work of God with every book and man cannot change that. It has remained constant since Moses first scribed the words of Genesis 1:1. What God has made crooked man cannot straighten suggests to limitations of man.

The final conclusion is to see that God’s way is always the best. Men will argue about whether the way of the Lord is right trying their own answers for morality. History always shows that man’s moral code destroys the family; God’s moral code exalts the family. Nations fall because they dismiss God; nations become strong because they embrace God. Society becomes a productive and vibrant environment when following the Bible; degradation and destruction comes when the Bible is ignored. God’s way is always the best way and man cannot change that. Death comes to all. How has man changed that? He cannot but God did. Sending His Son, God did the impossible. He changed death from fear to joy. Trust in the Lord. His ways are unchanging.

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